1. (tradición) 
a. tradition 
vino de soleravintage wine
2. (de acera) (Chile) 
a. curb (United Kingdom) 
b. curb (United States) 
1 (tradición) tradition
este es país de solera celta this is a country with a long-established Celtic tradition; vino de solera vintage wine; es un barrio con solera it is a typically Spanish etc quarter; es de solera de médicos he comes from a line of doctors
2 (objeto) (de apoyo) prop; support; (para saltar) plinth
3 [de cuneta] bottom
4 (piedra de molino) lower millstone
5 (México) (baldosa) flagstone
6 (S. Cone) [de acera] kerb; curb; (EEUU)
Sherry does not have a specific vintage since it is a mixture of the vintages from different years; the solera method is used to ensure uniformity of quality. In the bodega (cellar) the casks are arranged in horizontal rows, with the bottom row, known as the solera, containing the oldest wine. When part of this is bottled, the casks are replenished with wine from the row immediately above, which in turn is refilled with wine from the next row, and so on.
note See culture box in entry jerez.
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vino de solera 
vintage wine 
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