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soldiers is the plural form of soldier.
1. soldado (m)
  • an old soldier un veterano, un excombatiente
intransitive verb
2. servir como soldado
soldier [ˈsəʊldʒəʳ]
1 (Mil) soldado (m); militar (m)
there's a brave little soldier!
common soldier soldado (m) raso
soldier of fortune aventureroaaventurera (m) (f) militar;a aventurera
an old soldier un veterano or excombatiente
to come the old soldier with sb tratar de imponerse a algn (por más experimentado)
to play at soldiers jugar a los soldados
a woman soldier una soldado; una mujer soldado
soldiers and civilians old soldiers never die
2 (Britain) (strip of bread or toast) tira de pan (tostada) para mojar en los huevos pasados por agua
Matthew dunked his soldiers in his egg to dunk one's soldiers
3 (Zool) (ant) hormiga (f) soldado; soldado (m)
intransitive verb
ser soldado
he soldiered for ten years in the East sirvió durante diez años en el Oriente
My father spent two years soldiering in the desert
soldier ant (n) hormiga (f) soldado; soldado (m)
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