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1. blando(a) (in texture) (ground, rock, cheese); suave (pillow, carpet, fabric)
  • soft furnishings,
  • soft goods = artículos y materiales de decoración del tipo cortinas, cojines, alfombras, etc. (británicoUS)
  • soft tissue (anatomía) tejido (m) blando
  • soft top descapotable (m) (car), convertible (m) (Am)
  • soft toy peluche (m) (muñeco)
2. suave (not harsh, not strong) (voice, rain, color)
  • soft currency divisa (f) débil
  • soft drinks refrescos mpl
  • soft drugs drogas (f pl) blandas
  • in soft focus (fotografía) ligeramente velado(a) or difuminado(a)
  • soft loan (finanzas) crédito (m) blando
  • soft sell (comercio) venta (f) no agresiva
3. blando(a) (not strict)
  • to have a soft spot for somebody tener debilidad por alguien
  • to have a soft heart ser muy blando(a)
4. tonto(a) (familiar) (stupid)
5. fácil (easy) (job, life)
  • to be a soft touch (familiar) ser un poco primo(a) or bobito(a) (Am)
  • soft option opción (f) (f) ácil
6. (informática)
  • soft copy copia (f) en formato electrónico
  • soft return retorno (m) automático
soft [sɒft]
softer (comparative)softest (superlative)
1 (not hard) [+ground, water, cheese, pencil, contact lens] blando; [+bed, mattress, pillow] blando; mullido; [+metal] maleable; dúctil; [+muscles, flesh] blando
to go soft [+biscuits etc] ablandarse; his muscles have gone soft sus músculos han perdido su fuerza; se le han ablandado los músculos
2 (smooth) [+skin, hair, fur, fabric, texture] suave
to make soft [+skin, clothes] suavizar; [+leather] ablandar
3 (gentle, not harsh) [+breeze, landing] suave; [+accent] ligero; leve; [+music] suave; [+light] tenue; [+colour] delicado; [+line] difuminado
in soft focus desenfocado; soft lighting luz (f) tenue
There was some soft [music] playing in the background
4 (quiet) [+whisper, laugh, step] suave; [+whistle] flojo; [+voice] suave; tenue
his voice was so soft she scarcely heard it hablaba tan bajito que apenas le oía; the music is too soft esta música está demasiado baja
5 (kind) [+smile, person] dulce; [+words] tierno; dulce
Myra had another, softer side to her
to have a soft heart ser todo corazón
6 (lenient, weak) blando
you're too soft with him you're getting soft! to [go] soft
the soft left (Pol) la izquierda moderada; el centro-izquierda; to take a soft line against sth adoptar una línea suave en contra de algo; to be (too) soft on/with sth/sb ser (demasiado) blando or indulgente con algo/algn
I think your teachers are too soft "I used to be tough," Kenworthy said, "but I'm growing soft in my old age." She is expected to take a softer line against the Government
7 (easy) fácil
soft job chollo (m) (informal); (Esp) trabajo (m) fácil; soft option camino (m) fácil; soft target blanco (m) fácil
he has a soft [time] of it he has a soft time of it at college to be a soft [touch]
8 (foolish) bobo (informal); tonto
don't be soft!
you must be soft! ¡tú eres tonto!; ¡has perdido el juicio!; to be soft in the head ser un poco bobo (informal)
to go soft in the head because you are in love etc because you grow old you let him borrow your dad's car? you must be soft in the head! anyone who falls for a story like that has got to be soft in the head he always was a bit soft in the head; everyone used to take advantage of him he's soft in the head if he thinks that business idea will work
9 (fond)
to be soft on sb sentir afecto por algn; to have a soft spot for sb tener debilidad por algn
10 (Ling) débil
11 (Economics) [+prices, economy] débil; [+sales, market, growth] flojo
[+currency, drug, fruit] blando
soft brown sugar (n) azúcar (f) morena blanda; azúcar (m) moreno blando
soft centre (n) relleno (m) blando
soft commodities (n) (Economics) bienes (m) perecederos; bienes (m) no durables
soft copy (n) (Comput) copia (f) transitoria
soft drink (n) bebida (f) refrescante; refresco (m)
soft furnishings (n) textiles (m)
soft goods (n) (Comm) géneros (m) textiles; tejidos (m)
soft money (n) (US) papel (m) moneda
soft palate (n) (Anat) velo (m) del paladar
soft pedal (n) (Mús) pedal (m) suave
soft porn soft pornography (n) pornografía (f) blanda
soft sell (n) venta (f) por persuasión
soft soap (n) coba (informal) (f)
to give sb soft soap dar coba a algn (informal)
soft top (n) especially (US) descapotable (m)
soft toy (n) juguete (m) de peluche
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