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socio, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. partner (commerce)
  • hacerse socio, -a de una empresa to become a partner in a company
  • socio, -a capitalista o comanditario sleeping partner (British), silent partner (United States)
  • socio, -a comercial trading partner
  • socio, -a fundador founding partner
  • socio, -a mayoritario majority shareholder
2. member (miembro)
  • hacerse socio, -a de un club to join a club
  • socio, -a honorario o de honor honorary member
  • socio, -a de número full member
  • socio, -a vitalicio life member
3. mate (informal) (amigo) (British), buddy (United States)
socioa socia
1 (asociado) [de empresa] associate; [de club] member; [de sociedad docta] fellow
hacerse socio de to become a member of; join; se ruega a los señores socios ... members are asked to ...
socio/a de honor honorary member
socio/a de número full member
socio/a honorario/a honorary member
socio/a numerario/a full member
socio/a vitalicio/a life member
2 (Com) (Economía) partner
socio activo active partner
socio capitalista socio comanditario sleeping partner; silent partner; (EEUU)
3 (amigo) buddy; mate (familiar)
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