masculine noun
1. (overload) 
Mi maleta tenía cinco kilos de sobrepeso y la aerolínea me cobró un cargo adicional.My suitcase had five kilos of excess weight and the airline charged me an extra fee.
El ascensor no sube debido al sobrepeso.The elevator won't go up due to excess load.
2. (obesity) 
a. overweight (adjective) 
El doctor puso a mi marido a dieta porque tiene sobrepeso.The doctor put my husband on a diet because he is overweight.
Muchos niños padecen sobrepeso a causa de la comida rápida.Many children suffer from excess weight due to fast-food consumption.
1. (general) 
a. excess weight 
[de paquete, persona] excess weight; [de camión] extra load;
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