1. (not drunk) 
a. sobrio(a), sereno(a) 
2. (sensible) 
a. serio(a) 
sober [ˈsəʊbəʳ]
1 (not drunk) sobrio
to stay sober mantenerse sobrio
to be as sober as a judge
be stone-cold sober
estar perfectamente sobrio
2 (serious, calm) [+person] serio; formal; [+expression] grave; [+attitude, assessment] serio; sobrio; [+fact] cruel; [+reality] crudo; duro
after sober reflection después de una seria reflexión
The euphoria that characterized last year's festival has given way to a more sober reality the sober fact that a murder is committed every 3 seconds We are now far more sober and realistic Brian assumed an appropriately sober expression a sober assessment of the situation
3 (dull, subdued) [+clothes, suit, style, decor] sobrio; discreto; [+colour] discreto
He was dressed in a sober grey suit
transitive verb
1 (also sober up) (stop being drunk) despejar; quitar la borrachera a
2 (make more serious) volver más serio
he used to think life was one big laugh, but this experience sobered him Raeder still hoped that responsibility would sober the National Socialists and their enigmatic leader
intransitive verb
1 (also sober up) (stop being drunk) despejarse; pasársele la borrachera
2 (become more serious) volverse más serio
Spa 1st read 4m spa 2nd read 2m VT + ADV make more serious VI + ADV become more serious he's sobered down recently
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