1. (general) 
a. el humo (M) 
to have a smokefumarse un cigarrillo
2. (fig) 
to go up in smokeesfumarse, desvanecerse
3. (prov) 
there's no smoke without firecuando el río suena, agua lleva
smoke bombbomba de humo
smoke detectordetector de humo
4. (also fig) 
smoke screencortina de humo
smoke signalsseñales de humo
transitive verb
5. (cigarette) 
a. fumar 
to smoke a pipefumar en pipa
6. (meat, fish) 
a. ahumar 
intransitive verb
7. (person) 
a. fumar 
8. (chimney, oil) 
a. echar humo 
smoke [sməʊk]
1 humo (m)
a cloud/a puff of smoke
cigarette smoke humo (m) de cigarrillos; smoke blue azul (m) grisáceo; smoke grey gris (m) humo; to go up in smoke [+building] quemarse (totalmente); [+plans] quedar en agua de borrajas; [+hopes, money] esfumarse; [+future] malograrse
woodland home owners are in danger of watching their dream houses go up in smoke DISMAYED thieves watched thousands of pounds go up in smoke after accidentally setting fire to the building his whole political future could go up in smoke all your best-laid plans can go up in smoke in a matter of minutes Salvagers had laid plans to keep the oil out of the water and off the shore by pumping it out of the ship's cargo tanks and into a waiting barge # But today those plans went up in smoke we see our taxes go up in smoke and what do we get for it? doctors are scared to death they will see their professional lives going up in smoke I'm not prepared to watch this child's future go up in smoke for the lack of a few hundred pounds
the (Big) Smoke (Britain) Londres
smoke and mirrors especially (US) artificios (m)
there's no smoke without firewhere there's smoke there's fire cuando el río suena, piedras or agua lleva
2 (cigarette) pitillo (informal) (m); cigarrillo (m); cigarro (m)
I'm dying for a smoke tengo unas ganas locas de fumarme un pitillo (informal) or un cigarrillo or un cigarro
He smiled and offered me a smoke who's pinched my smokes?
to have a smoke fumar(se) un pitillo (informal) or un cigarrillo or un cigarro
We went outside to have a smoke
3 (drugs) hierba (informal) (f); maría (informal) (f)
transitive verb
1 [+cigarette, cigar, pipe] fumar
she smoked 60 a day (se) fumaba 60 al día; she wouldn't let him smoke his pipe (in general) no le dejaba fumar en pipa; (on one occasion) no le dejaba fumarse su pipa
he was smoking a pipe He wanted to smoke dope He was sitting alone, smoking a big cigar
2 (Cookery) [+bacon, fish, cheese] ahumar
the grid where the fish were being smoked the haddock which have been landed and smoked at the town of Finnan a smoked glass coffee table
intransitive verb
1 (emit smoke) echar humo
the chimney always smoked la chimenea siempre estaba echando humo; the chimney was smoking, so someone was home salía humo de la chimenea, así que había alguien en casa
the ruins of the burned out building were still smoking a week later the campfire was still smoking the following morning Hilda had lit a fire, which smoked atrociously When cooking with fat don't let it smoke
2 [+person] fumar
do you smoke? ¿fumas?; do you mind if I smoke? ¿le importa que fume?
He sat and smoked and stared out of the window
to smoke like a chimney fumar como un carretero or como una chimenea (informal)
smoke alarm (n) detector (m) de humo; alarma (f) contra incendios
smoke bomb (n) bomba (f) or granada (f) de humo
smoke detector (n) detector (m) de humo
smoke ring (n) anillo (m) or aro (m) de humo
to blow smoke rings hacer anillos or aros de humo
smoke shop (n) (US) estanco (m)
smoke signal (n) señal (f) de humo
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Gerund: fumando
Participle: fumado
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