1. (facial expression) 
He has the sweetest smile I have ever seen.Tiene la sonrisa más dulce que he visto.
intransitive verb
2. (to grin; often used with "at") 
a. sonreír 
Marisa smiled at me and winked an eye.Marisa me sonrió y guiñó un ojo.
Would you smile for the picture, please?¿Pueden sonreír para la foto, por favor?
transitive verb
3. (to grin) 
a. no direct translation 
She smiled her thanks when we gave her the flowers.Nos dio las gracias con una sonrisa cuando le dimos las flores.
The kid smiled a big smile when his mother gave him an ice cream.El niño sonrió de oreja a oreja cuando su madre le dio un helado.
1. (general) 
a. la sonrisa (F) 
to give somebody a smilesonreírle a alguien
she was all smilesestaba muy contenta
to take or wipe the smile off somebody's faceborrarle la sonrisa a alguien
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. sonreír 
to smile at somebodysonreírle a alguien
fortune smiled on themles sonrió la fortuna
smile!sonría, por favor
smile [smaɪl]
sonrisa (f)
... she said with a smile ... dijo con una sonrisa; ... dijo sonriente or sonriendo
a smile of contempt a self-satisfied smile
to be all smiles ser todo sonrisas
Prime Minister Major and the king were all smiles for the TV cameras he opened the door all smiles Last night Mr Mellor and his wife were all smiles as they put on a show of unity for their first public appearance since the news broke Patrese was all smiles after grabbing his first win for more than a year
her story brought a smile to my face su historia me alegró la cara
to force a smile forzar una sonrisa
to give sb a smile sonreír a algn
he gave me a big smile me sonrió de oreja a oreja; come on, give me a smile! ¡vamos, una sonrisa!; she gave a wry smile sonrió irónicamente
with a smile on one's lips con una sonrisa en los labios
he managed a smile sonrió a duras penas
his jokes failed to raise a smile sus chistes no hicieron reír a nadie
she was barely able to raise a smile
to wipe the smile off sb's face quitar a algn las ganas de reír
intransitive verb
"yes" I said, smiling —sí, dije sonriente or sonriendo
Hooper smiled and leaned back in his chair He smiled coldly
to smile at sb sonreír a algn
to smile at sth reírse de algo; what are you smiling at? ¿de qué te ríes?; to smile at danger reírse del peligro
she's had her problems but she always comes up smiling ha tenido sus problemas, pero siempre se la ve sonriente
to keep smiling seguir con la sonrisa en los labios
keep smiling! ¡ánimo!
The Queen kept smiling as if she hadn't a care in the world when she greeted Sea Cadets forming a guard of honour
fortune smiled on him le sonrió la fortuna
to smile to o.s. reírse por dentro or para sus adentros
Grace smiled to herself as she put down the telephone
transitive verb
"of course!" she smiled —por supuesto —dijo sonriente or sonriendo
"That remains to be seen," smiled Mrs Barrett "Uncle Jack," smiled Peter, "you can't mean it"
she smiled a faint smile sonrió débilmente
he smiled his boyish smile to smile a broad smile
he smiled his thanks dio las gracias sonriente or sonriendo
to smile one's [appreciation] [approval] She smiled her approval
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