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  • the small of the back la región lumbar, los riñones
1. (familiar)
  • smalls ropa (f) interior (underwear) (británico)
2. pequeño(a) (not large) , chico(a) (Am)
  • to make something smaller empequeñecer algo
  • it made me feel small hizo que me sintiera muy poca cosa or me avergonzara de mí mismo
  • to have a small appetite tener poco apetito
  • the small hours la madrugada
  • small ads (periodismo) anuncios mpl breves or por palabras
  • small arms armas (f pl) cortas
  • small business pequeña empresa (f)
  • small businessman pequeño empresario (m)
  • small letters (letras (f pl) ) minúsculas (f pl)
  • the small print la letra pequeña
  • the small screen la pequeña pantalla
  • small talk charla (f) insustancial
3. pequeño(a) (not important)
  • it's small wonder that… no es de extrañar que…
  • it's no small achievement es un logro nada despreciable
  • in a small way a pequeña escala
  • it's small beer (familiar)
  • potatoes es una nadería or (or Estados Unidos) zoncera, es cosa de niños (Am)
  • small change cambio (m) , suelto (m) , vuelto (m) (Am)
  • small fry gente (f) de poca monta
4. con letra pequeña (write)
  • to chop something up small cortar algo en trozos pequeños
  • to think small plantearse las cosas a pequeña escala
small [smɔːl]
smaller (comparative)smallest (superlative)
1 (not big) [+object, building, room, animal, group] pequeño; chico; (LAm) (in height) bajo; pequeño; chaparro; (LAm) [+family, population] pequeño; poco numeroso; [+audience] reducido; poco numeroso; [+stock, supply] reducido; escaso; [+waist] estrecho; [+clothes] de talla pequeña; [+meal] ligero; [+coal] menudo
a small house a small book
the dress is too small for her el vestido le viene pequeño or chico; the smaller of the two el menor (de los dos); with a small "e" con "e" minúscula
to have a small appetite no ser de mucho comer; comer poco
be a small [eater]
to become or get or grow smaller [+income, difficulties, supply, population, amount] disminuir; reducirse; [+object] hacerse más pequeño
mobile phones are getting smaller los teléfonos móviles son cada vez más pequeños
to break/cut sth up small romper algo en trozos pequeños/cortar algo en trocitos
to get or grow smalleruntil the small hours hasta altas horas de la noche
to be small in size [+country] ser pequeño; [+animal, object] ser de pequeño tamaño; [+room] ser de dimensiones reducidas
in small letters en minúsculas
this house makes the other one look small esta casa hace que la otra se quede pequeña
to make o.s. small achicarse
to make sth smaller [+income, difficulties, supply, population, amount] reducir algo; [+object, garment] reducir algo de tamaño; hacer algo más pequeño
a small [number] of people the smallest possible number of books
the smallest room el excusado
to be small beer or small potatoes (US) ser poca cosa
it was small beer compared to the money he was getting before no era nada or era poca cosa comparado con lo que ganaba antes
the budget they have is very small beer indeed
2 (minor) [+problem, mistake, job, task] pequeño; de poca importancia; [+contribution] pequeño; [+difference, change, increase, improvement] pequeño; ligero
to start in a small way empezar desde abajo
small [jobs], such as mending electrical plugs.
3 (inconsequential)
to feel small sentirse insignificante
to make sb look small rebajar a algn
it made me feel pretty small
she said in a small voice dijo con un hilo de voz
"He knows us," she said in a small [voice]. "I'm sorry," he said in a small voice
4 (young) [+child, baby] pequeño; chico; especially (LAm)
when we were small cuando éramos pequeños or chicos
5 (slight, scant) poco
they paid small [attention] to his suggestion to have small [cause] or [reason] to do sth
to be small comfort or consolation (to sb) servir de poco consuelo (a algn)
to be of small concern (to sb) importar poco (a algn)
a matter of no small [consequence] they didn't make the smallest [effort] to be polite
to have small hope of success tener pocas esperanzas de éxito
a matter of small importance un asunto de poca importancia
with no small [surprise] They placed small importance on the intellectual emancipation of women His words were small comfort There is small comfort to parents that baby snatchers do not intend to harm their charge he said that he would be careful, but that was small comfort to her
the small of the back la región lumbar
2 smalls (Britain) (underwear) ropa (f) interior or íntima; especially (LAm)
don't think too small piensa más a lo grande
try not to write so small intenta no escribir con una letra tan pequeña
The shredder cuts the paper up very small, ready for recycling if you always think small you will always get small results
small ad (n) (Britain) anuncio (m) por palabras
small arms (n) armas (f) ligeras de bajo calibre
small business (n) pequeña empresa (f)
the small businessman (n) el pequeño empresario
small capitals (n) (Tip) (also small caps) versalitas (f)
small change (n) suelto (m); cambio (m); calderilla (f); sencillo (m); (LAm) feria (f) (informal); (Méx)
I need some small change to make a phone call.
small claims court (n) tribunal (m) de instancia que se ocupa de asuntos menores; (que se ocupa de asuntos menores)
small end (n) (Aut) pie (m) de biela
small fry (n)
to be small fry ser de poca monta
small intestine (n) intestino (m) delgado
small investor (n) pequeñoapequeña inversionista (m);a pequeña
small print (n) letra (f) menuda
small screen (n) pequeña pantalla (f); pantalla (f) chica; (LAm)
small talk (n) charla (f); charloteo (informal) (m)
to make small talk charlar; charlotear (informal)
Position of "pequeño"
Pequeño usually follows the noun when making implicit or explicit comparison with something bigger:
He picked out a small melon Escogió un melón pequeño
At that time, Madrid was a small city En aquella época Madrid era una ciudad pequeña
When used more subjectively with no attempt at comparison, pequeño usually precedes the noun:
But there's one small problem ... Pero existe un pequeño problema ...
She lives in the little village of La Granada Vive en el pequeño pueblo de La Granada
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