1. (not quickly) 
a. despacio 
Please walk slowly, my legs are sore.Por favor camina despacio, mis piernas están adoloradas.
Lower the heat to cook the meat slowly.Baja el fuego para cocinar la carne lentamente.
1. (general) 
a. despacio, lentamente 
slowly but surelylento, pero seguro
slowly [ˈsləʊlɪ]
1 (not quickly) [+move] lentamente; despacio; [+drive] despacio; [+walk] lentamente; despacio; con paso lento; [+say] pausadamente; lentamente; [+nod] lentamente
2 (gradually) poco a poco
exercise is important but you have to start slowly his career started slowly
slowly but surely he was killing himself lenta pero inexorablemente estaba acabando con su vida; she is recovering slowly but surely se está recuperando de manera lenta pero positivamente
Slowly but surely Stephen's hair was dropping out slowly but surely we got nearer to our destination slowly but surely they were running out of money his hopes of finding her were slowly beginning to fade
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