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1. resbalón (m) (fall) ; corrimiento (m) deslizamiento (m) (landslide) ; derrumbamiento (m) caída (f) (in prices, standards)
2. desliz (m) (error)
  • slip of the pen lapsus m inv (calami)
  • slip of the tongue lapsus m inv (linguae)
  • to give somebody the slip dar esquinazo a alguien
3. papeleta (f) (paper) ; hoja (f) (form)
  • a slip of a girl una chavalina
  • a slip of a lad un chavalín
4. (automóbiles)
  • slip road carril (m) de incorporación or aceleración; (into motorway) (británico) carril (m) de salida or deceleración (out of motorway)
5. combinación (f) (garment)
  • (pillow) slip funda (f) (de almohada)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp slipped)
6. (leave)
  • his name has slipped my mind se me ha ido su nombre de la cabeza
  • the ship slipped its moorings el barco se soltó del amarre
7. deslizar (put)
  • he slipped on/off his shoes se puso/se quitó los zapatos
  • to slip something into the conversation deslizar algo en la conversación
  • to have slipped a disk tener una vértebra dislocada, tener una hernia discal
intransitive verb
8. resbalar (slide)
  • his foot slipped le resbaló un pie
  • to slip from somebody's hands or grasp (also sentido figurado) escapársele de las manos a alguien
  • to slip through somebody's fingers (sentido figurado) escapársele de las manos a alguien
  • to let one's guard slip bajar la guardia
  • to let one's concentration slip desconcentrarse
9. (move quickly)
  • to slip into something meterse en algo; (bed) colarse en algo; (room) ponerse algo (clothes, shoes)
  • to slip out of quitarse (clothes), sacarse (Am)
  • I'll just slip round to the post office voy un momento a correos
10. tener un desliz, cometer un error (make mistake)
  • you're slipping estás fallando
  • she let slip a few swear words se le escaparon unas cuantas palabrotas
  • he let it slip that he would be resigning se le escapó que iba a dimitir
slip [slɪp]
1 (slide) resbalón (m)
to give sb the slip escabullirse or zafarse de algn; dar esquinazo a algn
there was a man following us but we managed to give him the slip he had given them the slip in the maze of alleyways of the old town he gave reporters the slip by leaving at midnight Last night she had once again given journalists the slip. It was at least the third time she had changed her plans since embarking on a jaunt to the Far East nearly three weeks ago with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
2 (mistake) error (m); equivocación (f)
it was a bad slip one slip and everything would be ruined we need to be well prepared so there are no slips
I must have made a slip somewhere debo de haberme equivocado en algo; debo de haber cometido un error en algún sitio; a slip of the pen/tongue un lapsus calami/linguae
there's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip de la mano a la boca desaparece la sopa; del dicho al hecho va mucho trecho
3 (fall) bajada (f)
That's translated into a steady slip in market share for Chrysler There's no evidence of any dramatic slip in grades in these exams
4 (undergarment) combinación (f); enagua (old-fashioned) (f); (full length) viso (m); (pillowcase) funda (f)
5 (receipt) (in filing system) ficha (f)
It is used as a \payment slip\ and a receipt credit card slips
you have to fill in one of these pink slips to get a book out put a cross on the voting slip against the candidate you wish to vote for [pay] [wage] slip I show people my last pay slip with its figure of 123 for take-home pay he provided the bank with his father's pay slips as proof of identity keep your contract of employment, wage slips and pension details a slip of [paper]
I wrote the number on a slip of paper escribí el número en un papelito or un trocito de papel
He handed me a slip of paper. little slips of paper he had torn from a notebook
6 (landslide) corrimiento (m) de tierras; desprendimiento (m)
7 (Cricket) (usu pl) la posición posterior derecha del receptor (si el bateador es diestro) ocupada por los defensores de campo en un partido de críquet
Amir Sohail was caught at slip a person on a cricket team who is fielding in the slips in the slips
8 slips (Teat)
the slips la galería
[in] the slips
9 [of person]
a slip of a boy/girl un chiquillo/una chiquilla
don't expect too much of her, she's only a slip of a girl I was a slip of a girl of 20, and as we lined up in the tunnel to go out for the final
10 (in pottery) arcilla que se ha mezclado con agua hasta estar cremosa
11 (Bot) esqueje (m)
a part of a plant that, when detached from the parent, will grow into a new plant
12 (Náut) grada (f)
a motor-boat was tied to a wooden slip down at the shore
intransitive verb
1 (slide, shift) resbalar
she slipped and broke her ankle (se) resbaló y se rompió el tobillo; my foot slipped se me fue el pie; the knife slipped and I cut my hand se me fue el cuchillo y me hice un corte en la mano; the glass slipped from her hand el vaso se le fue or se le resbaló de la mano; the clutch slips el embrague patina; the knot has slipped el nudo se ha corrido
I slipped on the snow and sprained my ankle. he slipped on the ice The top ought \to slip gently into place\ the glass of beer slipped along the bar to slip through sb's [fingers]
we let the game slip through our fingers dejamos que el partido se nos escapara or se nos fuera de las manos
the thief slipped through their fingers If you're interested in a man, don't let him slip through your fingers because you don't know how to make the next move he had this fantastic deal set up and he let it slip through his fingers
2 (move quickly)
to slip into bed meterse en la cama; he slipped into his bathrobe se puso el albornoz; to slip out of a dress quitarse un vestido; I soon slipped back into the routine enseguida volví a adaptarme a la rutina; I slipped downstairs to fetch it bajé a traerlo rápidamente
she slipped out of the jacket and tossed it on the couch to slip round Why don't you slip round tomorrow and borrow that book you were asking about? to slip home If you slip home, you go home quickly, and return quickly, usually because you have forgotten something there, or because there is a small thing you want to do there before going out again. I'll just slip home and change
3 (move imperceptibly) pasar desapercibido
he managed to slip through the enemy lines consiguió pasar desapercibido por las líneas enemigas; he slipped out of the room while my back was turned salió sigilosamente de la habitación mientras estaba de espaldas
they slipped across the border under cover of night
4 (decline) [+shares, currency] bajar
shares slipped to 63p las acciones bajaron a 63 peniques; to slip into a coma caer en coma; you're slipping (humorous) estás decayendo; he soon slipped back into his old ways al poco tiempo volvió a las andadas
Take care not to slip back into your bad habits. furniture designers who once seemed so new and exciting have long since slipped into obscurity Industrial production has slipped by 12 per cent in a year. Supermarkets have found sales and profits slipping The US dollar slipped below 130 yen
5 (become known)
he let (it) slip that he was a Democrat dejó escapar que era demócrata; she let slip the names of the people involved dejó escapar los nombres de las personas involucradas
to let slip that he pictured their reaction if he let it slip that his lover was Scully's wife He carelessly let slip this information in conversation with a journalist...
transitive verb
1 (move quickly and smoothly) pasar; deslizar
he slipped an arm around her waist le pasó or deslizó el brazo por la cintura; slip a knife round the edges of the tin pasar un cuchillo por el borde del molde; I slipped a note under his door deslicé or le pasé una nota por debajo de la puerta; to slip a coin into a slot introducir una moneda en una ranura
she slipped her feet into her sandals to slip sth into place
2 (move imperceptibly)
he slipped his hand into her bag le metió disimuladamente la mano en el bolso
she slipped the papers back when he wasn't looking
to slip sth to sb pasarle disimuladamente algo a algn; he slipped the waiter a fiver le pasó disimuladamente un billete de cinco libras al camarero
I'll try and slip him a message later
3 (escape from)
the dog slipped its collar el perro se soltó del collar
to slip one's leash "It slipped its leash." - "Well she should have the damn dog under proper control" If you say that a person slips their leash, you mean that they manage to get away from an ordinary, everyday situation and do something adventurous that others might not want or expect them to do. He managed to slip the leash yesterday and get out for a pint
to slip anchor levar anclas; one or two facts may have slipped my memory puede que algún que otro dato se me haya olvidado; I meant to do it but it slipped my mind lo quise hacer pero se me olvidó or se me pasó
I was going to mention it, but it slipped my mind The reason for my visit had obviously slipped his mind we've had a bit of a panic on here and it slipped my mind till now I just forgot - it completely slipped my mind
the ship could slip its moorings al barco podrían soltársele las amarras
the boat slipped its moorings and drifted away on the current
4 (Med)
he's slipped a disc tiene una hernia de disco
he fell heavily and slipped a disc a slipped disc
5 (Aut) [+clutch] soltar
with the pre-selector gearbox you cannot slip the clutch I was bracing myself, waiting for the impact, but I slipped the clutch, the brakes grabbed and I spun round
6 (Knitting) [+stitch] pasar (sin hacer)
knit one, purl one, slip one
slip road (n) (on motorway) vía (f) de acceso
slip stitch (n) (Knitting) punto (m) sin hacer
pass the slip stitch over


slip [ezˈlip]
slips (plural) [ezˈlip]
1 (calzoncillos) underpants
; (p)
; (p)
2 (bañador) bathing trunks
; (p)
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