Slim in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. delgado(a) (person); fino(a), delgado(a) (book); pequeño(a) (chance, hope); escaso(a) (majority)
verbo intransitivo (pt & pp slimmed)
2. adelgazar
slim [slɪm]
slimmer (comparative)slimmest (superlative)
1 [+figure, person] (slender) delgado; fino; (elegant) esbelto; [+waist, neck, hand] delgado
to get slim adelgazar
2 [+resources] escaso; [+evidence] insuficiente; [+hope etc] lejano
his chances are pretty slim sus posibilidades son bastante limitadas; by a slim majority por escasa mayoría
3 (thin) [+book, volume, wallet] fino; delgado
She took a slim book out of her pocket his slim lizard-skin wallet he published only three \slim volumes\ of verse in his short life
intransitive verb
I'm trying to slim estoy intentando adelgazar; I'm slimming estoy haciendo régimen; estoy a régimen
transitive verb
we can advise on how to slim hips and thighs
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