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1. desprendimiento (m) deslizamiento (m) (fall) (land); caída (f) desplome (m) (in prices, popularity)(in de)
  • slide rule (Math) regla (f) de cálculo
2. tobogán (m) (in playground)
3. diapositiva (f) (photographic); portaobjetos m inv (for microscope)
  • slide projector proyector (m) de diapositivas;
  • slide show (gen)&(informática) proyección (f) de diapositivas
4. pasador (m) (for hair) (británico)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp slid [slɪd])
5. pasar, deslizar
  • to slide the lid off quitar or sacar la tapa corriéndola or deslizándola (Am)
intransitive verb
6. resbalar (slip)
  • the door slid open la puerta se abrió deslizándose
  • to slide down a rope deslizarse por una cuerda
  • to let things slide (sentido figurado) dejar que las cosas vayan a peor
7. deslizarse (move quietly)
slide [slaɪd] slid (past)
1 (in playground, swimming pool) tobogán (m)
a smooth surface, as of ice or mud, for sliding on the smooth rock face made a natural slide
2 (act of sliding) deslizamiento (m); (by accident) resbalón (m)
he started a long slide down the mountainside he hit the brakes, went into a short slide, and came to a halt
3 (landslide) corrimiento (m) de tierras; desprendimiento (m)
there's been a rock slide there was a slide blocking the road ahead they couldn't get it round the shoulder of the mountain here, so they blasted a new road, and right after that they got a scree slide from up the top
4 (fall) (in share prices) baja (f); bajón (informal) (m)
the slide in share prices increase their base rates to avoid a slide in their own currencies relative to the Mark Then, it was a cohesive black community just beginning a slide into desolation
the slide into chaos/debt la caída en el caos/en la deuda
5 (in microscope) portaobjetos (m); platina (f)
a microscope slide
6 (Fot) (transparency) diapositiva (f); filmina (f)
slides showing rice fields in Bangkok...
7 (also hair slide) (Britain) pasador (m)
8 (Mús) [of trombone] vara (f); (for guitar) cuello (m) de botella; slide (m)
a sliding seat in a boat or its runners
intransitive verb
1 (glide) deslizarse; (slip) resbalar
they were sliding across the floor/down the banisters se deslizaban por el suelo/por la barandilla; the drawer slides in and out easily el cajón se abre y se cierra suavemente; the lift doors slid open las puertas del ascensor se abrieron; I slid into/out of bed me metí en/me levanté de la cama sigilosamente; she slid into her seat se dejó deslizar en su asiento; a tear slid down his cheek una lágrima se deslizó por su mejilla; the book slid off my knee el libro se me resbaló de la rodilla
it should slide gently into place Susan stared at the drops sliding down the glass tons of ice came sliding down the slope tears were sliding down his cheeks to slide down the banisters his hands slid off the bar and he fell down the ice cube slid out of my hand a limousine slid along the boulevard I had seen him sliding quietly out of his caravan
to let things slide dejar que las cosas se vengan abajo
these last few months he's let everything slide estos últimos meses se ha desentendido de todo
We made a great start to the match, but it counts for nothing when you let things slide the way we did
2 (decline)
the economy is sliding into recession la economía está cayendo en la recesión; the shares slid 12 points las acciones bajaron 12 puntos
the pound is sliding she had slid into a depression he needs them to stop the country sliding into chaos don't slide up to that top G - there should be a clean break between the notes One of the most ancient methods of such chanting is to elide or smoothly run the notes together, sliding up and down the intervals in a fully chromatic sense
transitive verb
he slid his hands into his pockets metió las manos en los bolsillos; she slid a hand along his arm le deslizó una mano por el brazo; he slid the plate across the table hizo deslizar el plato al otro lado de la mesa; she slid the door open corrió la puerta para abrirla; she slid the key into the keyhole deslizó la llave en el ojo de la cerradura
I opened the flap and slid the parcel through lift the bed and I'll slide my hand underneath
slide guitar (n) guitarra (f) con cuello de botella; guitarra (f) con slide
he played his electric slide guitar with a vengeance Each song combines a number of slide guitar techniques
slide-magazine (n) (Fot) cartucho (m) or guía (f) para diapositivas
slide projector (n) (Fot) proyector (m) de diapositivas
slide rule (n) regla (f) de cálculo
slide show (n) (Fot) exposición (f) de diapositivas
Verb Conjugations for deslizar
Gerund: deslizando
Participle: deslizado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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