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1. rebanada (f) (of bread); loncha (f) (of cheese, ham); tajada (f) (of beef); rodaja (f) (of salami, cucumber); trozo (m) porción (f) (of cake)
  • a slice of the profits (sentido figurado) un pedazo or una porción del pastel or de la torta (Am)
transitive verb
2. partir en rebanadas (bread); partir en lonchas (cheese, ham); partir (beef); partir en rodajas (salami, cucumber); trocear, dividir (cake)
  • to slice something in two or in half dividir algo en dos or por la mitad
3. golpear mal (in golf)
slice [slaɪs]
1 [of bread] rebanada (f); [of salami, sausage] loncha (f); raja (f); [of cheese, ham] loncha (f); [of beef, lamb etc] tajada (f); [of lemon, cucumber, pineapple] rodaja (f); [of cake, pie] trozo (m)
a slice of bread a slice of cake a slice of pie slices of beef/lamb/pork slices of ham/sausage/salami a slice of cheese a slice of lemon/orange/lime slices of cucumber/tomato/courgette
2 (portion) parte (f)
it affects a large slice of the population afecta a buena parte or a un amplio sector de la población; a slice of life un trozo de la vida tal como es; a slice of the profits una participación (en los beneficios)
Rents provided a large slice of his income These groups form only a relatively small slice of the total population He could buy himself a slice of history by splashing out $1 million on a baronial house. to grab get a slice of the [action] As the British rap scene grows in strength, the Americans are becoming keener to grab a slice of the action. Alternative travel, when it lives up to its promise, gives you a slice of life The ads were presented as \slice-of-life episodes\ with real people talking about their financial situation. a slice of [luck] I've been very fortunate to have had a few large slices of luck at the right time
3 (utensil) pala (f)
4 (Dep) pelota (f) cortada; (Golf) golpe (m) con efecto a la derecha
transitive verb
1 (cut into slices) [+bread] rebanar; [+salami, sausage, ham, cheese] cortar en lonchas; [+beef, lamb] cortar en tajadas; [+lemon, cucumber, pineapple] cortar en rodajas; [+cake, pie] partir en trozos
Shall I slice some bread? Slice the lemon into 7.5cm pieces. Vegetables should be sliced into strips
2 (cut) cortar
to slice sth in two cortar algo en dos
to slice sth in half Meanwhile, slice the cucumber in half. Shell the eggs and slice them in half to slice sth [into] (4) Can you slice the cake into 12?
to slice sth open abrir algo de un tajo
I sliced open the melon and removed the seeds they sliced the [air] with their knives
3 (Dep) [+ball] dar efecto a; cortar; (Golf) golpear oblicuamente (a derecha)
He sliced a drive and lost his ball in the water She sliced her backhand
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