slang word

slang word
1. (general) 
I learned a lot of slang words from my friends in Mexico City.Aprendí muchos modismos de mis amigos en la Ciudad de México.
He said he was going "to bail," but we're not in a boat. - "Bail" is a slang word that means "to leave."Dijo que iba a "bail", pero no estamos en un bote. - "Bail" es una palabra de jerga que significa "marcharse".
What do you mean, you're going "to cram?" - "Cram" is a slang word that means "to study."¿Qué quieres decir con que vas a "cram"? - "Cram" es una palabra de argot que significa "estudiar".
d. el caló (M) (Central America) (Mexico) 
I heard Ana "crashed" at Mary's house. Was she hurt? - "Crash" is a slang word and it means to "spend the night."Oí que Ana "crashed" en la casa de Mary. ¿Se lastimó? - "Crash" es caló y significa "pasar la noche".
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