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1. (general)
a. el cielo (M)
The sky is overcast.El cielo está nublado.
1. cielo (m)
  • the sky's the limit (familiar) podemos conseguir cualquier cosa que nos propongamos
  • to praise somebody to the skies (familiar) poner a alguien por las nubes
  • sky high altísimo(a) (price, costs)
sky [skaɪ]
cielo (m)
under blue skies bajo un cielo azul; the skies over England el cielo en Inglaterra; to praise sb to the skies poner a algn por las nubes; the sky's the limit no hay límite; out of a clear blue sky de repente; inesperadamente
There were little white clouds high in the blue sky It'll warm up as soon as the sun gets higher in the sky There seemed to be only hills, grass, and sky We drove under a gloomy sky
sky marshal (n) agente (m) de seguridad en vuelos comerciales; (en vuelos comerciales)
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