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1. piel (f) (of person, animal, fruit); nata (f) (on milk, sauce)
  • to be all skin and bone estar en los huesos
  • I nearly jumped out of my skin (familiar) casi me muero del susto
  • by the skin of one's teeth por los pelos
  • to save one's (own) skin salvar el pellejo
  • to get under somebody's skin (familiar) poner histérico(a) a alguien
  • it's no skin off my nose (familiar) me trae or (español de España) tiene sin cuidado or al fresco (Am)
  • skin cancer cáncer (m) de piel
  • skin complaint afección (f) cutánea
  • skin cream crema (f) para la piel
  • skin disease enfermedad (f) cutánea
  • skin diving buceo (m) a pulmón libre
  • skin flick (familiar) película (f) porno (porn film) (Estados Unidos)
  • skin graft (medicina) injerto (m) de piel
2. cabeza (sustantivo masculino) rapada (familiar) (skinhead)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp skinned)
3. despellejar, desollar (animal); pelar (tomato)
  • to skin one's knees arañarse las rodillas
skin [skɪn]
1 [of person] piel (f); [of face] cutis (m); (complexion) tez (f)
to wear wool next to one's skin llevar prenda de lana sobre la piel
to be skin and bone estar en los huesos
he's nothing but skin and bone está en los huesos
to jump out of one's skin llevarse un tremendo susto
it's no skin off my nose a mí ni me va ni me viene; me da igual or lo mismo
to save one's skin salvar el pellejo
by the skin of one's teeth por los pelos
to have a thick/thin skin ser poco sensible/muy susceptible
to get under sb's skin (annoy) irritar or molestar a algn
I've got you under my skin no puedo dejar de pensar en ti
2 [of animal] piel (f); pellejo (m); (as hide) piel (f); cuero (m)
3 [of fruit, vegetable] piel (f); cáscara (f); (discarded) mondaduras (f)
4 (crust) (on paint, milk pudding) nata (f)
5 (for wine) odre (m)
6 (Aer) (Náut) revestimiento (m)
8 (Drugs) (cigarette paper) papelillo (informal) (m); papel (m) de fumar
Has anyone got any skins?
transitive verb
1 [+animal] despellejar; desollar
I'll skin him alive! ¡lo voy a matar! (informal); ¡lo voy a desollar vivo!
to keep one's eyes skinned for sth andar ojo alerta por algo
there's more than one way to skin a cat cada uno tiene su manera de hacer las cosas; cada maestrillo tiene su librillo
Ministers who previously insisted there was no alternative to Britain's ERM policy were last night saying: "There's more than one way to skin a cat" Major, in the words of one minister, had discovered "there are more ways to skin a cat". He had at last found a way to bring down interest rates
2 [+fruit] pelar; quitar la piel a; [+tree] descortezar
3 (graze)
to skin one's knee/elbow desollarse la rodilla/el codo
4 (steal from) despellejar; esquilmar
skin cancer (n) cáncer (m) de piel
skin colour (n) (colour of one's skin) color (m) de la piel; (shade) color (m) natural
skin disease (n) enfermedad (f) de la piel
skin diver (n) buceadorabuceadora (m) (f);a buceadora buzo (m); submarinista (m)
skin diving (n) buceo (m); submarinismo (m)
skin flick (n) película (f) porno (informal)
skin freshener (n) tónico (m) para la piel
skin game (n) (US) estafa (f)
skin graft(ing) (n) injerto (m) de piel
skin trade (n) publicación (f) de revistas porno
skin wound (n) herida (f) superficial


skin [esˈkin] skins (plural)
skinhead [esˈkinxeð]
skinheads (plural) skinhead
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