1. (ability) 
Precision is one of his strongest skills.La precisión es una de sus mayores habilidades.
He plays the piano with great skill.Toca el piano con mucha destreza.
c. las dotes (F) 
She was known for her skill in gardening.Se le conocía por sus dotes para la jardinería.
2. (technique) 
She is teaching me some skills to read faster.Me está enseñando algunas técnicas para leer más rápido.
1. (ability) 
a. la destreza f, habilidad (F) 
2. (talent) 
a. la talento m, aptitud (F) 
3. (technique) 
a. la técnica f, capacidad (F) 
skill [skɪl]
1 (ability) (gen) habilidad (f); (technical) destreza (f)
diamond-cutting requires considerable skill tallar diamantes requiere mucha destreza; his skill in battle su destreza en el campo de la batalla; his skill as a fundraiser came in useful su habilidad para recaudar fondos resultó útil; a job that matches her skills un trabajo que se ajusta a sus aptitudes; his lack of skill in dealing with people su inaptitud or falta de capacidad para tratar con la gente
test your skill as a fighter pilot with this new game despite his lack of skill his determination and personality got him the job skill in negotiation Organized games involve skill, competition and teamwork They acted with great skill and conviction his skill in persuading them The carving shows remarkable technical skill Nowadays teachers use more imagination and skill in explaining things to children
a game of skill un juego de habilidad
when there was no war, the Apache men spent their time in gambling or in games of skill and strength would you say pinball is a game of skill?
we need someone with proven management skills necesitamos a alguien con probadas dotes directivas; technical skill(s) conocimientos (m) técnicos
a [test] of skill
2 (technique) técnica (f)
to learn new skills aprender nuevas técnicas; the basic skills of reading and writing los conocimientos básicos de lectura y escritura
he lacks the skills necessary for the job the skills of painting, sculpture, and drawing where are the \traditional skills\ of village craftsmen today? to learn new management managerial skills one of the key management skills is the ability to delegate It's not necessary to work long hours to be efficient. This indicates extremely poor management skills
communication skills habilidad (f) or aptitud (f) para comunicarse; language skills (with foreign languages) habilidad (f) para hablar idiomas
Their basic reading skills, including their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, would also be tested they just come in here and talk to other people to help them improve their language skills Good communication skills are vital today, and more and more working women are having to stand and deliver at nursery children learn social skills they'll need when they start school
he seemed to lack the most basic social skills carecía totalmente de don de gentes
young people who lack social skills find that drugs offer relief from the discomfort and stress they feel around peers
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life skill
la habilidad para la vida
communication skill
la habilidad de comunicación
gross motor skill
la habilidad motora gruesa
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