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1. seis (m)
  • it's six of one and half a dozen of the other (familiar) viene a ser lo mismo
  • at sixes and sevens hecho(a) un lío
  • to knock somebody for six (familiar) hacer polvo or picadillo a alguien (británico)
2. seis ; see also eight
six [sɪks]
1 (numeral) seis (m)
to be (all) at sixes and sevens [+person] estar confuso; [+things] estar en desorden
it's six of one and half a dozen of the other
it's six and half a dozen
da lo mismo; da igual
six of the best (Britain) seis azotes (m) castigo escolar; (castigo escolar)
2 (Cricket) seis (m); golpe de bate que lanza la bola sin botar fuera del terreno y sirve para anotarse seis carreras
to hit a six batear un seis; hacer seis carreras de un golpe; he hit three sixes bateó tres seises
to knock sb for six dejar pasmado a algn
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