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1. lugar (m) (position); yacimiento (m) (archaeological); emplazamiento (m) (of monument, building, complex)
  • (building) site obra (f)
transitive verb
2. emplazar, ubicar
  • to be sited estar situado(a)
site [saɪt]
1 (place) sitio (m); lugar (m); (location) situación (f); (scene) escenario (m); (for building) solar (m); terreno (m); (archaeological) yacimiento (m)
the site of the accident el lugar del accidente; the site of the battle el escenario de la batalla; a late Roman site un emplazamiento romano tardío; building site obra (f); burial site necrópolis (f); camp site camping (m)
2 (Internet)
transitive verb
situar; ubicar; especially (LAm)
a badly sited building un edificio mal situado
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