transitive verb
1. (ship) 
a. hundir 
to be sunk in thoughtestar abstraído(a)
2. (fam fig) 
to be sunkestar perdido(a)
3. (well) 
a. cavar 
4. (shaft) 
a. excavar 
to sink one's teeth into somethinghundir or hincar los dientes en algo
to sink money into a projectinvertir mucho dinero en un proyecto
5. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation (drink) 
intransitive verb
6. (in water, mud) 
a. hundirse 
her heart sankse le cayó el alma a los pies
his spirits sankse desanimó
to sink into somebody's memoryquedar grabado(a) en la memoria de alguien
to sink into oblivionsumirse en el olvido
to sink into a deep sleepsumirse en un sueño profundo
to sink into an armchairhundirse en un sillón
to sink to the groundir cayendo al suelo
he has sunk in my estimationha perdido gran parte de mi estima
how could you sink so low?¿cómo pudiste caer tan bajo?
sink [sɪŋk] sank (past)sunk (participle:past)
transitive verb
1 (submerge) [+ship] hundir; (destroy) [+person] hundir; [+project] acabar con; dar al traste con; [+theory] destruir; acabar con
if we did not surrender they threatened to sink us the ship was sunk in combat with the U.S.S Kearsarge if you are not strong mentally, the job can sink you the fact that Gorbachev kept going after him, kept trying to get him, kept trying to sink him, led to a relationship where it was actually it's either me or you
to be sunk estar perdido
now we're sunk! without him we'd be well and truly sunk to sink sb's hopes/dreams
2 (open up) [+mineshaft] abrir; excavar; [+hole] hacer; excavar; [+well] perforar; abrir
To boost meat production, the government sank wells and built watering places.
3 (bury, lay) [+pipe] enterrar; [+foundations] echar
to sink a post two metres into the ground fijar un poste dos metros bajo tierra; she sunk her face into her hands hundió la cara en las manos; his eyes were sunk deep into their sockets tenía los ojos hundidos
The houses have to be built on poles which are sunk down into the bed of the lake. There was an old tin bath which they had sunk into the ground to make a little pond
to be sunk in thought estar absorto en mis etc pensamientos; estar ensimismado; to be sunk in depression estar sumido en la depresión
4 (forget) [+feelings] ahogar
she would sink her own needs in the needs of others to sink one's identity in that of a group he sank his worries in a bottle of whisky
let's sink our differences hagamos las paces; olvidemos nuestras diferencias
feuding economists have also temporarily sunk their differences Mr Havel called on Czechs and Slovaks to sink their differences this leaves the rival rebel leaders,Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson, still in the contest, but with no sign of their sinking their differences
5 (dig in) [+knife] hundir; clavar; [+teeth] hincar
I sank my knife into the cheese hundí or clavé el cuchillo en el queso; he sank his teeth into my arm me hincó los dientes en el brazo
He sank his teeth into a juicy steak
6 (invest)
to sink money in or into sth invertir dinero en algo
He sank his life savings into a business venture
7 (Britain) [+drink] tragarse (informal)
he can sink a glass of beer in 12 seconds he sank three pints in quick succession
8 (Dep) [+ball, putt] embocar
he sank two crucial putts in the last three holes
intransitive verb
1 [+ship, object] hundirse
the body sank to the bottom of the lake el cadáver se hundió en el fondo del lago; the yeast sinks to the bottom in beer la levadura se deposita en el fondo de la cerveza
the car sank slowly into the mud The torpedo hit one of the aircraft carriers, which blew up and sank at once
to sink out of sight desaparecer; to sink without trace desaparecer sin dejar rastro
"Whatever happened to the Sinclair C5?" "It seems to have sunk without trace." sadly, the film sank without trace he had a number one hit 5 years ago but seems to have sunk without trace
to leave sb to sink or swim abandonar a algn a su suerte
we're all in the same boat and we sink or swim together todos estamos en la misma situación, y una de dos: o nos hundimos o salimos a flote juntos
it's a case of sink or swim
2 (subside) [+building, land] hundirse; [+flood waters] bajar de nivel; [+sun] ponerse
slowly the flood waters sank The sun had just sunk below the horizon It's possible that the building may be sinking a little
3 (slump) [+person]
to sink into a chair arrellanarse en una silla; dejarse caer en una silla; to sink to one's knees caer de rodillas; I sank into a deep sleep caí en un sueño profundo; she would sometimes sink into depression a veces se sumía en la depresión; he sank deeper into debt se hundió más y más en las deudas; to sink into poverty hundirse or caer en la miseria
the economy is sinking back into recession Bulgaria's economy has sunk into chaos that night he sank into a deep coma she sank to her knees in exhaustion
my heart sank se me cayó el alma a los pies; her spirits sank lower and lower tenía la moral cada vez más baja
4 (deteriorate) [+sick person]
he's sinking fast está cada vez peor
The patient was sinking fast and was not expected to live much longer.
5 (fall) (in amount, value)
the shares have sunk to three dollars las acciones han bajado a tres dólares; he has sunk in my estimation ha bajado en mi estima; his voice sank to a whisper su voz se redujo a un susurro
Wages have sunk so low in relation to the cost of living The pound has sunk to its lowest level against the dollar the noise of the club sank to a dull thud as he moved further away
sink [sɪŋk]
(in kitchen) fregadero (m); pila (f); (in bathroom) lavabo (m);
[+estate] degradado; deprimido; [+school] con un nivel muy bajo
The poor, the unemployed and people living on sink estates are more likely to be criminal, depressed, suicidal and addicted to drugs than those in more comfortable circumstances ...the sink estates that now blight most urban conurbations ...sink schools for the pupils nobody else wanted inner city sink school with a class of 32, half of whom speak no English
sink tidy (n) recipiente para lavavajillas, jabón y estropajos
sink unit (n) fregadero (m)
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