1. canto (m)
  • his singing is awful -> canta fatal
  • singing lessons -> clases (f pl) de canto
  • to have a fine singing voice -> tener buena voz

singing [sin-guin]
1. Canto, música, vocal, concierto, armonía (song, harmony).
  • Singing bird -> pájaro cantor
  • Singing book -> cuaderno de solfa, de canto
  • Singing-master -> maestro de canto, el que enseña a cantar

singing [ˈsɪŋɪŋ]
1 (act of singing) canto (m)
she is studying singing estudia canto; the singing stopped dejaron de cantar; his singing was atrocious cantaba pésimamente; cantaba fatal (informal); they stood for the singing of the Internationale se pusieron de pie para cantar la Internacional
there is a lot of singing for the choir in this piece her hobbies include singing the sound of laughter and singing came from inside
2 [of kettle] silbido (m); (in ears) zumbido (m)
singing lesson (n) lección (f) de canto
singing teacher (n) profesoraprofesora (m) (f) de canto;a profesora
singing telegram (n) telegrama (m) cantado
singing voice (n)
to have a good singing voice tener una buena voz para cantar

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