"sing" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

(pt sang [sæŋ], pp sung [sʌŋ])
verbo transitivo
1. cantar (song)
  • to sing somebody to sleep -> arrullar a alguien
verbo intransitivo
2. cantar (person, bird); pitar (kettle)

sing [sing]
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
1. SANG o SUNG, (n)
participio pasivo
2. SUNG).
3. Cantar, hacer con la voz modulaciones armoniosas y agradables.
4. Murmurar el arroyuelo.
5. Gorjear los pájaros.
6. Gorjearse o hacer gorgoritos los niños cuando principian a hablar.
7. Rechinar; zumbar (ears) 6.
8. To sing out, gritar, dar voces; avisar.
  • To sing out of tune (o false) -> cantar falso
  • To sing a child to sleep -> dormir a un niño cantando
  • To sing along -> acompañar cantando, cantar a coro
  • To sing up -> cantar más fuerte
(Poét.) Cantar, celebrar (celebrate).

sing [sɪŋ] sang (past)sung (participle:past)
[+song, words] cantar; (intone) entonar
sing us a song! ¡cántanos una canción!; the words are sung to the tune of ... la letra se canta con la melodía de ...
to sing a lullaby the nightingale sang its doleful song "Good morning Mr. Brown", sang the children as the Headmaster came in the congregation sang the psalm
she sings alto canta contralto; to sing a child to sleep arrullar a un niño; adormecer a un niño cantando
to sing sb's praises cantar las alabanzas de algn
to sing a different tune ver las cosas de otro color
1 [+person, bird] cantar
"what do you do for a living?" — "I sing" —¿a qué te dedicas? —canto or —soy cantante
He played the organ and sang in the choir She started singing with the band last year Madonna sang about being a 'Material Girl' The minstrel sang of the Wooden Horse, the siege of Troy and its grievous outcome to sing [flat]/[sharp] to sing [out of tune]
to sing to/for sb cantar a algn
my mother used to sing to me when I was a child we have sung for audiences around the world they sang for the royal family
to sing to o.s. cantar solo
as she worked she sang to herself The creature was singing to herself, oblivious of her surroundings
they sang to the accompaniment of the piano cantaban acompañados del piano
to sing for one's supper Salter felt honoured and tried to sing for his supper by making conversation very well, you'll have to sing for your supper though Everyone who came on the air that night had to do a turn, so I told him he had to sing for his supper
2 [+wind, kettle] silbar; [+ears] zumbar
the sound of crickets singing in the fields We still do not know why whales sing The wind sang in the rigging of the boat A kettle was singing on the hob A bullet sang past the top of his head
3 (US) (act as informer) cantar (informal); (confess) confesar
they arrested a man on suspicion of theft and he sang straight away

Verb Conjugations for "sing" (go to cantar)


I sing I sang I will sing
you sing you sang you will sing
he/she sings he/she sang he/she will sing
we sing we sang we will sing
you sing you sang you will sing
they sing they sang they will sing
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