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1. parecido (m) similitud (f)
similarity [ˌsɪmɪˈlærɪtɪ]
1 (uncountable) (resemblance) parecido (m); semejanza (f)
there is no similarity between them no existe ningún parecido or ninguna semejanza entre ellos; any similarity is purely coincidental cualquier parecido es pura coincidencia; the similarity ends there el parecido no va más allá
the two drawings' similarity was uncanny there is a basic similarity in our philosophy both brothers are tall and blonde, but the similarity ends there
2 (countable) (feature in common) semejanza (f); rasgo (m) común; similitud (f)
I see few similarities between these two cases there are certain similarities between them I see no similarity whatsoever
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