similarities is the plural form of similarity and roughly translates to similitudes.


1. (resemblance) 
The similarity between these events appears to be more than coincidence. La similitud entre estos eventos parece ser más que una coincidencia.
There is a similarity in your faces. Are you related?Hay un parecido en sus caras. ¿Son parientes?
There is a lot of similarity between these two paintings. Hay mucha semejanza entre estos dos cuadros.
2. (common feature) 
There are many similarities between the two accidents.Existen muchos rasgos comunes entre los dos accidentes.
I see a similarity in the gill shape of these two species. Veo una similitud en la forma de las branquias de estas dos especies.
There is one similarity that unites all human beings.Hay una semejanza que une a todos los seres humanos.
1. (general) 
a. la parecido m, similitud (F) 
similarity [ˌsɪmɪˈlærɪtɪ]
1 (uncountable) (resemblance) parecido (m); semejanza (f)
there is no similarity between them no existe ningún parecido or ninguna semejanza entre ellos; any similarity is purely coincidental cualquier parecido es pura coincidencia; the similarity ends there el parecido no va más allá
the two drawings' similarity was uncanny there is a basic similarity in our philosophy both brothers are tall and blonde, but the similarity ends there
2 (countable) (feature in common) semejanza (f); rasgo (m) común; similitud (f)
I see few similarities between these two cases there are certain similarities between them I see no similarity whatsoever
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similarities and differences
similitudes y diferencias
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