Silence in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. silencio (m)
  • to listen/watch in silence escuchar/observar en silencio
  • silence is golden (Prov) en boca cerrada no entran moscas
transitive verb
2. hacer callar
silence [ˈsaɪləns]
1 (absence of speech) silencio (m)
there was a shocked silence
a two minutes' silence dos minutos de silencio; silence! ¡silencio!
He never lets those long silences develop
they stood in silence permanecieron en silencio; in dead or complete silence en silencio absoluto; there was silence on the matter no se hizo comentario alguno sobre la cuestión; to pass over sth in silence silenciar algo; to reduce sb to silence dejar a algn sin argumentos
silence is golden en boca cerrada no entran moscas
silence gives or means or lends consent quien calla otorga
2 (absence of sound) silencio (m)
a sudden shot broke the silence un disparo repentino rompió el silencio
the silence of the fog She breathed deeply, savouring the silence He had to escape from his noisy surroundings into the silence of the high mountains
3 (unwillingness to communicate) silencio (m)
he broke his silence for the first time yesterday rompió su silencio ayer por primera vez
Levy's silence on the subject was unnerving to [lapse] into silence
transitive verb
1 (quieten) [+person, crowd] hacer callar; acallar; [+bells, guns, cries] silenciar; acallar
burglar alarms can usually be silenced by an experienced thief
to silence one's conscience acallar la conciencia
The hubbub was suddenly silenced by a loud fanfare The shock silenced him completely. I started to laugh, only to be silenced by his pained expression the court room was silenced by this small but powerful woman Such a settlement might silence the guns for a time All the bells of England were silenced
2 (put a stop to) [+criticism, fears, doubts] acallar; silenciar
he silenced his critics silenció a sus críticos
he tried to silence anyone who spoke out against him an unsuccessful attempt by the government to silence the debate to silence all complaint Dissent has been silenced in China
3 (kill) eliminar
those who speak against the government in some countries are often silenced A hit man had been sent to silence her over the affair
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