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transitive verb
1. (to denote) 
a. to mean 
He oído esa palabra miles de veces pero aún no me acuerdo de qué significa.I've heard that word thousands of times but I still can't remember what it means.
Este cambio de síntomas del paciente significa que el tratamiento está funcionando.This change in the patient's symptoms signifies that the treatment is working.
2. (to represent) 
a. to mean 
Las luces apagadas significa que la panadería está cerrada.The lights turned off means that the bakery is closed.
3. (to convey) 
Llamó anoche para significar sus sentimientos a su ex novio.She called last night to express her feelings to her ex boyfriend.
intransitive verb
4. (to be important) 
a. to mean 
Tu papel en mi vida siempre ha significado mucho para mí.Your role in my life has always meant a lot to me.
reflexive verb
5. (to make oneself known) 
Se ha significado como experto en el campo de la psicología.He's distinguished himself as an expert in the field of psychology.
pronominal verb
6. (to take sides) 
Se significó en apoyo de los trabajadores que estaban de huelga.She declared herself in support for the workers who were on strike.
transitive verb
1. (querer decir) 
a. to mean 
la luz roja significa que está en funcionamientothe red light means (that) it's working
2. (suponer, causar) 
a. to mean 
eso significaría una subida de los preciosthat would mean a price rise
3. (expresar) 
a. to express 
intransitive verb
4. (tener importancia) 
no significa nada para míit means nothing to me
pronominal verb
5. (general) 
significarse porto become known for
se significó como pacifistahe showed himself to be a pacifist
transitive verb
1 (querer decir) [+palabra] to mean; [+suceso] to mean; signify
¿qué significa "freelance"? what does "freelance" mean?
2 (representar)
50 dólares significan muy poco para él 50 dollars doesn't mean much to him; él no significa nada para mí he means nothing to me; significará la ruina de la empresa it will mean the end for the company; él no significa gran cosa en estos asuntos he doesn't count for much in these matters
3 (expresar) to make known; express;a to
le significó la condolencia de la familia he expressed o conveyed the family's sympathy
pronominal verb
1 (distinguirse) to become known; distinguish o.s.;como as
2 (tomar partido) to declare o.s.; take sides
no significarse to refuse to take sides
Phrases with "significa"
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¿Qué significa...? 
What does ... mean? 
¿Qué significa eso? 
What does that mean? 
qué significa eso 
what that means 
Verb Conjugations for significar
Present Participle: significando
Past Participle: significado
Irregular forms are in red
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