1. (public notice) 
He put up a "No Parking" sign in his yard.Puso un letrero que decía "Prohibido estacionarse" en su jardín.
b. la señal (F) (traffic) 
Didn't you see the sign? U-turns aren't allowed.¿No viste la señal? No se permiten vueltas en U.
c. el cartel (M) 
There's a sign outside the store that says "Back in five minutes."Hay un cartel afuera de la tienda que dice "Regresamos en cinco minutos".
It's too dark and I can't see what the sign says.Está muy oscuro y no puedo ver lo que dice el rótulo.
e. la pancarta (F) (in a demonstration) 
The protesters had made many signs for the march.Los manifestantes habían hecho muchas pancartas para la marcha.
2. (indication) 
a. la señal (F) 
Your brother is losing weight fast; that's a bad sign.Tu hermano está bajando de peso muy rápido. Esa es una mala señal.
All signs seem to indicate that a tornado is on the way.Todos los indicios señalan que viene un tornado.
3. (gesture) 
a. la seña (F) 
He made a sign that he was on the phone and couldn't talk.Me hizo una seña que estaba en el teléfono y no podía hablar.
4. (symbol) 
a. el signo (M) 
My Zodiac sign is Pisces and I love the water.Mi signo del zodíaco es Piscis y me encanta el agua.
What does the pound sign mean in Twitter?¿Qué indica el signo de número en Twitter?
transitive verb
5. (to authorize) 
a. firmar 
I need you to sign the contract.Necesito que firmes el contrato.
6. (to say in sign language) 
She signed that she was tired.Indicó con señas que estaba cansada.
He signed "I love you" to his mom.Hizo una seña para decir "Te quiero" a su mamá.
7. (sports) 
a. fichar 
They signed the free agent to a max contract.Ficharon al agente libre a un contrato máximo.
b. contratar 
After two seasons, they were finally able to sign the forward they wanted.Después de dos temporadas, finalmente lograron contratar al delantero que querían.
intransitive verb
8. (to authorize) 
a. firmar 
Please sign here.Favor de firmar aquí.
9. (to use sign language) 
It's been years since I've been able to sign. I'm out of practice.Hace años que puedo comunicarme por señas. Estoy fuera de práctica.
10. (sports) 
a. fichar 
The quarterback signed with his third team in four seasons.El mariscal de campo fichó por su tercer equipo en cuatro temporadas.
1. (gesture) 
a. la seña (F) 
to make a sign to somebodyhacer una seña a alguien
sign languagelenguaje por señas
2. (indication) 
a. la indicio m, señal (F) 
it's a sure sign that…es un indicio inequívoco de que…
a good/bad signuna buena/mala señal
a sign of the timesun signo de los tiempos que corren
there's no sign of an improvementno hay indicios de mejoría
there is no sign of him/itno hay ni rastro de él/ello
he gave no sign of having heardno dio muestras de haberlo oído
all the signs are that…todo parece indicar que…
the equipment showed signs of having been usedel equipo tenía aspecto de haber sido utilizado
3. (notice) 
a. el cartel (M) 
4. (of pub, shop) 
a. el letrero m, rótulo (M) 
5. (on road) 
a. la señal (de tráfico) (F) 
follow the signs for Manchestersigue las indicaciones para Manchester
6. (symbol) 
a. el signo (M) 
plus/minus signsigno más/menos
sign of the zodiacsigno del zodíaco
transitive verb
7. (write signature on) 
a. firmar 
8. (in sign language) 
a. indicar (con señas) 
9. (in sport) 
a. fichar 
intransitive verb
10. (write signature) 
a. firmar 
11. (in sport) 
a. fichar 
sign [saɪn]
1 (indication) señal (f); indicio (m); (Med) síntoma (m)
it's a sign of rain es señal or indicio de lluvia; he searched for a sign of recognition on her face buscó en su rostro una señal or muestra de reconocimiento; there was no sign of him anywhere no había ni rastro de él; there was no sign of life no había señales or rastro de vida; it was seen as a sign of weakness se interpretaba como una muestra or señal de flaqueza; at the first sign of a cold, take vitamin C al primer indicio de un resfriado, tome vitamina C
violence is a sign of fear How pleasant to see a sign or two of summer once again There is no sign that the economy is on the upturn she saw her recovery from the illness as a sign from God She's supposed to have a terrible temper but I never saw a sign of it myself
it's a good/bad sign es buena/mala señal; to show signs of sth/doing sth dar muestras or señales de algo/de hacer algo; the economy is beginning to show signs of recovery la economía está dando muestras or señales de recuperarse
to show [no] signs of sth, doing sth she showed no signs of fatigue he showed no sign of remorse
the storm showed no sign of abating la tormenta no daba muestras or señales de calmarse
the house showed no signs of being occupied
that's a sure sign he's feeling better es una señal inconfundible de que se encuentra mejor
Wood dust beneath a piece of furniture is a sure sign of woodworm politicians saw this as a sure sign that the economy was on the mend she thought giving in to any illness was a sure sign of weakness
it's a sign of the times es señal de los tiempos que vivimos
2 (gesture) seña (f)
to communicate by signs hablar or comunicarse por señas
Through signs she communicated that she wanted the women to bring their children to the hospital the [thumbs-up] sign they gave Laval the thumbs-up sign
he gave the victory sign hizo la seña de victoria; to make a sign to sb hacer una seña a algn; he made a sign for them to leave les hizo una seña para que se marcharan; to make the sign of the Cross hacerse la señal de la cruz; santiguarse; to make the sign of the Cross over sth bendecir algo
to [make] a [rude] sign the driver hooted angrily and made a rude sign
3 (notice) letrero (m); (road sign) señal (f) (de tráfico); (direction indicator) indicador (m); (shop sign) letrero (m); rótulo (m); (US) (carried in demonstration) pancarta (f)
the seatbelt sign a man was standing beside the road holding a sign saying "London please" a sign saying the road was closed because of snow the sign above the shop read "McKinley's Meats"
exit sign letrero (m) de salida; a no-entry sign una señal de prohibición de entrada; a give way sign una señal de ceda el paso
4 (written symbol) símbolo (m); (Mat) (Mús) (Astrol) signo (m)
the text was full of strange signs and symbols el texto estaba lleno de símbolos extraños; what sign are you? ¿de qué signo eres?
he did most of the research on his notation system sitting down at a desk. The signs and symbols he developed to describe movement down to the minutest detail had to be foolproof contemporary philosophers no longer focus on Kant' s concerns. They deal with configurations # with signs and symbols, with patterns, with myth, with language Look at the figures on either side of the equals sign. `I'm a Capricorn," said Melissa, `what's your sign?" to be born [under] a sign Many people born under the sign of Capricorn, which Saturn rules, certainly fit this description.
plus/minus sign signo de más/menos
transitive verb
1 [+contract, agreement, treaty] firmar
she signs herself B. Smith firma con el nombre B. Smith; Sue Townsend will be signing her new book Sue Townsend firmará autógrafos en su nuevo libro
visitors are asked to sign the visitors' book The EEC and Japan refused to sign the agreement don't sign anything before reading the small print There are four letters here for you to sign to sign [autographs]
to sign one's name firmar; signed and sealed firmado y lacrado; firmado y sellado
the contracts are signed and sealed - there's no turning back now Bush would like to have this treaty signed and sealed before he leaves office 'definitely' is not a word I like to use until things are signed and sealed As soon as everything's signed and sealed we can start thinking about the actual removal.
2 (recruit) [+player] fichar; contratar; [+actor, band] contratar
The club will be looking to sign a new goalkeeper this summer Slash records then signed the band although EMI was about to sign the band, it required that a management agreement be signed firs
3 (use sign language)
the programme is signed for the hearing-impaired el programa incluye traducción simultánea al lenguaje de signos para aquellos con discapacidades auditivas
intransitive verb
1 (with signature) firmar
sign here please firme aquí, por favor
you'd be stupid not to sign
2 (be recruited) (Dep) firmar un contrato
he has signed for or with Arsenal ha firmado un contrato con el Arsenal; ha fichado por el Arsenal; (Esp)
Peter Gabriel has once more signed for Virgin he will sign for Scottish Premier side Aberdeen today none of those players can sign with another team
3 (signal) hacer señas
The policewoman signed to me, so I stopped the car
to sign to sb to do sth hacer señas a algn para que haga algo; he signed to me to wait me hizo señas para que esperara
4 (use sign language) hablar con señas
two deaf people were signing to each other do you know how to sign
sign language (n) lenguaje (m) por señas
to talk in sign language hablar por señas
sign painter sign writer (n) rotulista (m)
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