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transitive verb
1. to seat, to sit (en asiento)
2. (establecer)
  • sentar las bases para to lay the foundations of
  • sentar precedente to set a precedent
intransitive verb
3. (comida)
  • sentar bien/mal a alguien to agree/disagree with somebody
  • algunos consideran que una copita de vino sienta bien some people think a glass of wine is good for you
4. to suit (ropa, color)
  • no le sienta bien it doesn't suit her
5. (vacaciones, medicamento)
  • sentar bien a alguien to do somebody good
6. (comentario, consejo)
  • le sentó mal it upset her
  • le sentó bien she appreciated it
pronominal verb
1. to sit down
  • sentarse a hacer algo to sit down and do something
  • siéntate take a seat
  • siéntate donde quieras sit wherever you like
transitive verb
1 [+persona] to sit; seat
2 (colocar) [+objeto] to place; place firmly
sentar las costuras to press the seams; sentar el último ladrillo to tap the last brick into place; sentar las bases de algo to lay the foundations for sth
3 (establecer) [+base, principio] to establish; [+precedente] to set
sentar una suma en la cuenta de algn (Com) to put a sum down to sb's account
5 (And) (Caribe) [+persona] to crush; squash
6 (And) [+caballo] to rein in sharply; pull up sharply
intransitive verb
1 (en el aspecto) to suit
ese peinado le sienta horriblemente that hairstyle doesn't suit her at all; that hairstyle looks awful on her
sentar bien/mal a algn [+comida] to agree/disagree with sb; no me sientan bien las gambas prawns disagree with me; unas vacaciones le sentarían bien he could do with a holiday
3 (agradar)
sentar bien/mal to go down well/badly; le ha sentado mal que lo hayas hecho tú he didn't like your doing it
sentar como un tiro
a mí me sienta como un tiro it suits me like a hole in the head (familiar)
pronominal verb
1 [+persona] to sit; sit down; seat o.s. (formal)
¡siéntese! (do) sit down; take a seat; sentémonos aquí let's sit (down) here; se sentó a comer she sat down to eat
2 [+sedimento] to settle
3 [+tiempo] to settle; settle down; clear up
4 (Archit) [+cimientos] to settle
Verb Conjugations for sentar
Gerund: sentando
Participle: sentado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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