1. (general) 
a. astuto 
He was shrewd enough to know that they were hiding something.Era lo bastante astuto como para saber que ocultaban algo.
b. perspicaz 
I like the author's reasoning. I think he makes some very shrewd observations.Me gusta el razonamiento del autor. Me parece que hace unos comentarios muy perspicaces.
She had made some shrewd investment decisions over the years, which had paid off.A lo largo de los años, había tomado decisiones inteligentes para sus inversiones, que dieron sus frutos.
d. sagaz 
His shrewd eyes quickly picked out the best lots in the auction room.Sus sagaces ojos pronto identificaron los mejores lotes de la sala de subasta.
e. hábil 
In a shrewd move, he sold the shares just before the stock market crash.En una hábil maniobra, vendió las acciones justo antes del crac bursátil.
1. (person) 
a. astuto(a) 
2. (decision) 
a. inteligente, astuto(a) 
shrewd [ʃruːd]
shrewder (comparative)shrewdest (superlative) [+person, politician, businessperson] astuto; sagaz; [+observer, glance, look] perspicaz; [+remark, observation] sagaz; perspicaz; [+eyes] perspicaz; inteligente; [+assessment] muy acertado; [+investment] inteligente
it was seen as a shrewd political move se vio como una hábil or astuta maniobra política; I can make a shrewd guess at how many people were there estoy casi seguro de acertar si digo cuánta gente había allí; she had a shrewd idea or suspicion (that) ... estaba casi segura de que ...; I've got a pretty shrewd idea of what's going on here ya me puedo imaginar lo que está pasando aquí; she's very shrewd in matters of money es un lince para cuestiones de dinero; to be a shrewd judge of character tener buen ojo para juzgar a la gente; that was very shrewd of you en eso has sido muy perspicaz
she's a very shrewd woman, with a great understanding of people He is a shrewd and sometimes ruthless adversary... Far from being a shrewd businessman, in fact he overpaid for his properties Margaret Thatcher was above all else a shrewd politician he is a shrewd observer of British political life his grey eyes were shrewd but kindly while Jones was talking, Hansen gave me a shrewd glance - we didn't believe a word of it my lawyer gave me a shrewd look and then told me to tell her exactly what had happened It was a shrewd [assessment] and probably pretty close to the truth... I think you've made a shrewd [investment] there. She had a pretty shrewd idea she was being got rid of Mr Jenkins has a shrewd idea of where they may have gone I have a shrewd [suspicion] she's had an anonymous letter too... I began to realize that Browning was a shrewd judge of character
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