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1. chubasco (m) chaparrón (m) (of rain); lluvia (f) (of stones, insults)
2. ducha (f) (for washing)regadera (f) (español de Colombia, español de México, español de Venezuela)
  • to have or take a shower ducharse, darse una ducha
  • shower cap gorro (m) de baño
  • shower curtain cortinas (f pl) de ducha
  • shower gel gel (m) de ducha
  • shower head alcachofa (f) (de ducha)
3. (familiar) (group)
  • what a shower! ¡qué pandilla! (británico), ¡menuda cuadrilla! (español de España)
transitive verb
  • to shower somebody with something, to shower something on somebody colmar a alguien de algo
intransitive verb
4. ducharse (take a shower)
shower [ˈʃaʊəʳ]
1 [of rain] chubasco (m); chaparrón (m)
scattered showers chubascos dispersos
2 [of arrows, stones, blows etc] lluvia (f)
3 (in bathroom) ducha (f); regadera (f); (Méx)
to have or take a shower ducharse; tomar una ducha
4 (Britain) (people)
what a shower! ¡que montón de inútiles!
5 (US) (party) fiesta (f) de obsequio
transitive verb
they showered gifts (up)on the queen colmaron a la reina de regalos; he was showered with invitations le llovieron invitaciones
to shower sb with honours shower honours on sb colmar a algn de honores
intransitive verb
1 (rain) caer un chaparrón or chubasco
2 (take a shower) ducharse; tomar una ducha
shower cap (n) gorro (m) de baño
shower curtain (n) cortina (f) de ducha
shower gel (n) gel (m) de baño
shower head (n) alcachofa (f) de la ducha
shower tray (n) plato (m) de la ducha
shower unit (n) ducha (f)
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