1. (yelling) 
The neighbors called the police to report loud shouting at 3 am.Los vecinos llamaron a la policía para denunciar gritos fuertes a las 3 am.
Despite all the shouting, they eventually calmed down and came to an agreement.A pesar de tanto griterío, por fin se tranquilizaron y llegaron a un acuerdo.
The board meeting ended in shouting when Carolina and Giovanna accused one another of fraud.La junta de la mesa directiva terminó en vocerío cuando Carolina y Giovanna se acusaron la una a la otra de fraude.
1. (general) 
a. el griterío m, gritos (M) 
shouting [ˈʃaʊtɪŋ]
gritos (m); vocerío (m)
what's all this shouting about? I could hear shouting in the street it could not be heard above the shouting and the laughter the shouting was further away now
within shouting distance (of sth) a tiro de piedra (de algo)
/her temple's/ in a mango grove /within shouting distance of the road/, but to reach it, you have to wade across a stream full of water snakes
it's all over bar the shouting ya es asunto concluido
"It's all on film," Aubrey murmured. `Everything. It's all over, Tony, bar the shouting! She's safe, and we have the proof."
shouting match (n) pelea (f) or riña (f) de gallos
the TV debate turned into a shouting match el debate televisado se convirtió en una pelea or riña de gallos
loud noisy arguments that culminated in shouting matches between his Mum and Dad I came home to find them having a shouting match in the kitchen
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