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1. hombro (m) (of person)
  • shoulder to shoulder hombro con hombro
  • to rub shoulders with somebody (sentido figurado) codearse con alguien
  • to be looking over one's shoulder (sentido figurado) estar inquieto(a)
  • to cry on somebody's shoulder (sentido figurado) coger a alguien de paño de lágrimas
  • shoulder bag bolsa (f) de bandolera
  • shoulder blade omóplato (m)
  • shoulder pad hombrera (f)
  • shoulder strap tirante (m) (of garment), bretel (m) ; (CSur) correa (f) (of bag)
2. paletilla (f) (of meat)
3. arcén (m) (along road) (español de España)acotamiento (m) (español de México)banquina (f) (RP)hombrillo (m) (español de Venezuela)
transitive verb
4. (push)
  • to shoulder one's way through a crowd abrirse paso a empujones entre la multitud
  • to shoulder somebody aside apartar a alguien de un empujón (del hombro)
5. echarse al hombro (put on shoulder); asumir (sentido figurado) (responsibility)
shoulder [ˈʃəʊldəʳ]
1 (Anat) hombro (m)
She wept in silence, her shoulders shaking
to have broad shoulders ser ancho de espaldas; tener mucho aguante
they carried him shoulder high le llevaron a hombros
he was carried out on their shoulders le sacaron a hombros
he looks like he's carrying the world on his shoulders
all the responsibilities fell on his shoulders tuvo que cargar con todas las responsabilidades
to look over one's shoulder mirar por encima del hombro
I looked over my shoulder
to look over sb's shoulder mirar por encima del hombro de algn; vigilar a algn
He looked over his friend's shoulder to read the newspaper article
to carry sth over one's shoulder llevar algo en hombros
to stand shoulder to shoulder estar hombro con hombro
They worked shoulder to shoulder on the plans through the night
to give sb the cold shoulder dar de lado a algn
to cry on sb's shoulder desahogarse con algn
she needed a shoulder to cry on
to put one's shoulder to the wheel arrimar el hombro
to rub shoulders with sb codearse con algn
to give sb sth straight from the shoulder decir algo a algn sin rodeos
2 [of coat etc] hombro (m)
padded shoulders hombreras (f)
this jacket doesn't fit, the shoulders are too tight
3 [of meat] lomo (m)
shoulder of mutton
4 [of hill, mountain] lomo (m)
5 [of road] arcén (m)
transitive verb
1 (carry) llevar al hombro; (pick up) poner al hombro
He shouldered his bike and walked across the finish line The rest of the group shouldered their bags, gritted their teeth and set off
shoulder arms! ¡armas al hombro!
2 [+burden, responsibility] cargar con
He has had to shoulder the responsibility of his father's mistakes
to shoulder the blame cargar con la culpa
3 (push)
to shoulder sb aside apartar a algn a un lado de un empujón
to shoulder one's way through abrirse paso a empujones
he shouldered me out of the way the policeman rushed past him, shouldering him aside He shouldered past Harlech and opened the door
shoulder bag (n) bolso (m) de bandolera
shoulder blade (n) omóplato (m)
shoulder flash (n) (Mil) charretera (f)
shoulder holster (n) pistolera (f)
shoulder joint (n) articulación (f) del hombro
shoulder pad (n) hombrera (f)
shoulder patch (n)
shoulder flash See culture box in entry shoulder.
shoulder strap (n) tirante (m); [of satchel] bandolera (f); (Mil) dragona (f)
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