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Looking for the verb shoot instead?
1. tiro (m) disparo (m) (act of firing, sound)
  • to fire a shotdisparar
  • like a shot(sentido figurado) al instante(without hesitation)
  • my answer was a shot in the dark(sentido figurado) respondí al azar or a ciegas
  • to call the shots(sentido figurado) dirigir el cotarro
  • shot putlanzamiento (m) de peso or de bala(Am)
2. (marksman)
  • he is a good/bad shotes un buen/mal tirador
3. tiro (m) chut(e) (m) (in soccer); tiro (m) lanzamiento (m) (in basketball)
4. foto (f) (photograph); toma (f) (of movie, TV program)
5. inyección (f) (familiar) (injection)
6. intento (m) intentona (f) (attempt)
  • to have a shot at something/at doing somethingintentar algo/hacer algo
7. chupito (m) dedal (m) (drink)
psicología & participio passado of shoot
shot [ʃɒt]
1 (act of shooting) tiro (m); (causing wound) balazo (m); (sound) tiro (m); disparo (m)
his shot missed erró el tiro; he received a shot in the leg recibió un balazo en la pierna; two shots rang out se oyeron dos tiros or disparos
a shot across the bows un cañonazo de advertencia
the admiral sent a shot across her bows and awaited the ship's surrender Taft fired quite a powerful shot across his bows with that speech on Wednesday Joan Lestor's removal was described as `a shot across the bows # for those who had been disloyal to the party an [exchange] of shots
there was an exchange of shots hubo un tiroteo
to fire a shot at sth/sb disparar a algo/disparar a or sobre algn
he fired two shots into her head le disparó dos tiros a la cabeza; they surrendered without a shot being fired se rindieron sin ofrecer resistencia
who fired that shot?
he was off like a shot salió disparado or como un rayo
I'd do it like a shot if I had the chance no dudaría en hacerlo si se me presentara la oportunidad; I was over there like a shot en un segundo me presenté allí
if he thought it were his duty to drop a bomb on them he'd do it like a shot
to take a shot at sth/sb pegar un tiro a algo/algn; atacar algo/a algn
President Bush took a shot at the leader of the PLO If he is crazy enough to take a shot at somebody, all he's got is a worn-out short-range rifle there are many people who might perhaps like to take a shot at Mr Gorbachev
2 (missile) bala (f); proyectil (m); (shotgun pellets) perdigones (m); (Athletics) peso (m)
to put the shot lanzar el peso
3 (person) tiradoratiradora (m) (f);a tiradora
he's a bad/good shot es un mal/buen tirador
4 (Ftbl) tiro (m); (Golf) (Tennis) golpe (m); (Snooker) golpe (m); jugada (f); (throw) tirada (f); echada (f)
he missed two shots at goal falló dos tiros a puerta; good shot! ¡buen tiro!
to call the shots mandar; llevar la voz cantante
You call the shots. Say the word and I'll back off But while the CEO remains nominal head there is no mistaking who calls the shots
5 (attempt) tentativa (f); intento (m)
just give it your best shot limítate a hacerlo lo mejor que puedas
to have a shot at sth intentar algo
I don't think there's much chance of persuading her but I'll have a shot at it no creo que haya muchas posibilidades de convencerla pero probaré or lo intentaré; do you want another shot at it? ¿quieres volver a intentarlo?; ¿quieres volver a probar?
to have a shot at [doing] sth you've heard he's going to take another shot at cutting the capital gains tax several companies have had a shot at taming one of Shakespeare's most controversial comedies
a shot in the dark un palo de ciego; una tentativa a ciegas
it was just a shot in the dark really - I'd no idea she would accept My new doctors really don't know who I am, and I don't know them either # So it's kind of a shot in the dark for the two of us # And it makes me feel insecure about the care I'm getting it was certainly a shot in the dark, but then every single one of those inspired guesses which eventually led to his expulsion from the Secret Service racket had been shots in the dark
6 (turn to play)
it's your shot te toca (a ti)
7 (injection) inyección (f); (dose) dosis (f); [of alcohol] trago (m); [of drug] pico (informal) (m); chute (informal) (m)
a shot of rum un trago de ron
a shot in the arm
it's a shot in the arm for the peace process es una importante ayuda para el proceso de paz; the economy needs a shot in the arm la economía necesita estímulo
the industry needs a shot in the arm the interest rate cut had been a considerable shot in the arm for us
8 (Fot) foto (f); (Cine) toma (f); plano (m)
I [took] a shot of the sunset
1 (suffused)
shot silk seda (f) tornasolada
his story is shot through with inconsistencies su narración está plagada de incongruencias
black marble shot through with red veins mármol negro con vetas rojas
his hair is now shot through with silver her stories are shot through with bitterness
2 (rid)
to get shot of sth/sb deshacerse or librarse de algo/algn
they couldn't wait to get shot of me we were glad to get shot of that old car The likely general euphoria will provide a completely unexpected opportunity to get shot of stocks, notably in the retail, publishing, building and property sectors to tell you the truth I'll be glad to get shot of him
3 (exhausted) [+person, nerves] deshecho; hecho polvo (informal)
my nerves are totally shot shot [to pieces]
what little confidence he had is shot to pieces la poca seguridad que tenía en mismo se ha ido al traste
Bob's been gone two days, off with some new girlfriend, and the whole schedule's shot to pieces When confidence is undermined, a player's entire game can be shot to pieces The economy is shot to pieces, thousands are losing their jobs every day
shot put (n) (Dep) lanzamiento (m) de pesos
shot putter (n) lanzadoralanzadora (m) (f) de pesos;a lanzadora
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