1. (scandalous) 
a. escandaloso(a) 
shocking pinkrosa chillón
2. (very bad; weather) 
a. de perros 
3. (pain) 
a. insoportable 
shocking [ˈʃɒkɪŋ]
1 (extremely bad) [+weather, performance, handwriting] pésimo; espantoso
the weather's been shocking lately a shocking performance by Man Utd The quality of the workmanship was shocking her French is shocking
she has shocking taste tiene un pésimo gusto
I'm shocking at spelling.
to be in a shocking state estar en un pésimo estado; estar en un estado penoso
His liver was in a shocking state... the house was in a shocking state after the builders had left
2 (appalling) [+news, sight, murder] espeluznante; espantoso
When the shocking news arrived that President Kennedy had been shot... I was greeted by a shocking sight. A body lay face down in the pool ...particularly shocking pictures of starved and beaten prisoners ...the shocking murder of Rachel Nickell ...the most shocking [act] of callous irresponsibility...
the shocking truth la sobrecogedora verdad
...the shocking truth that's beginning to emerge about institutionalised army bullying
3 (outrageous) [+book, film, act] escandaloso
...the most shocking [book] of its time. his language is shocking the prices were shocking it may be shocking to the older generation Many young people's disregard for marriage may be shocking to the older generation
it was shocking how badly paid these young girls were era de escándalo or era escandaloso lo mal que se pagaba a estas chicas; it's shocking to think that ... escandaliza pensar que ...
It's shocking to think that the council are spending 50 million on new roads, and only 1.2 million on public transport
shocking pink (n) rosa (m) estridente; rosa (m) fosforito
a shocking pink catsuit
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