1. (clothing) 
a. la camisa (F) 
He only wears white shirts to work.Solo lleva camisas blancas al trabajo.
b. la blusa (F) (for women) 
I stained my new shirt with wine.Me manché la blusa nueva con vino.
1. (general) 
a. la camisa (F) 
2. (colloquial) 
keep your shirt on!¡no te sulfures!
shirt [ʃɜːt]
camisa (f)
He was wearing a suit and a shirt and tie the footballers swapped shirts at the end of the game
to put one's shirt on a horse (Betting) apostarlo todo a un caballo
to put one's shirt on sth The union put its shirt on the success of the venture
keep your shirt on! ¡no te sulfures! (informal); ¡cálmate!
shirt button (n) botón (m) de la camisa
shirt collar (n) cuello (m) de camisa
shirt front (n) pechera (f)
shirt pocket (n) bolsillo (m) de la camisa
shirt sleeves (n)
to be in (one's) shirt sleeves estar en mangas de camisa
shirt tail (n) faldón (m) (de camisa)
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