transitive verb
1. (to move) 
a. mover 
The administration shifted the employee entrance to the back of the building.La administración movió la entrada de empleados a la parte trasera del edificio.
The train shifted suddenly, knocking me off balance.El tren se movió de repente y perdí el equilibrio.
b. correr 
We need to shift those tables because they block the entrance.Hay que correr esas mesas porque estorban la entrada.
2. (to change) 
a. cambiar 
We need to shift people's opinions if we are going to win this campaign.Necesitamos cambiar las opiniones de la gente si vamos a ganar esta campaña.
3. (automobile) (United States) 
You have to learn to shift gears if you want me to lend you my car.Tienes que aprender a cambiar de marcha si quieres que te preste mi coche.
4. (to sell) 
a. vender 
The boss just called and said we need to shift all the stocks we have in oil companies.El jefe acaba de llamar y dijo que hay que vender todas las acciones que tenemos en empresas de petróleo.
5. (colloquial) (to remove) (United Kingdom) 
a. sacar 
I need to buy some bleach to try and shift these stains.Tengo que comprar lejía para ver si puedo sacar estas manchas.
6. (change) 
a. el cambio (M) 
The newly elected senators promise a shift in focus.Los senadores nuevamente elegidos prometen un cambio de enfoque.
7. (period of work) 
a. el turno (M) 
Chris works the night shift at the factory.Chris trabaja en el turno de noche en la fábrica.
8. (automobile) (United States) 
I have to buy a new shift for my car.Tengo que comprar una palanca de cambios nueva para mi coche.
The shift is stuck!¡Se atoró la palanca de velocidades!
9. (clothing) 
It's easy to sew a shift.Es fácil coser un vestido suelto.
10. (computing) 
I can't find shift on your computer. Where is it?No encuentro la tecla shift en tu computadora. ¿Dónde está?
11. (geology) 
The earthquake created a half a meter shift.El terremoto ocasionó un desplazamiento de medio metro.
intransitive verb
12. (to move) 
a. moverse 
Stay still! If you shift at all, that spider is going to fall on you.¡Quédate quieto! Si te mueves en lo más mínimo, esa araña te va a caer encima.
b. correrse 
The load shifted and squashed the fruit that was in the boxes.La carga se corrió y aplastó la fruta que estaba en las cajas.
13. (automobile) (United States) 
It's easy to learn to shift; you just have to keep practicing.Es fácil aprender a cambiar de marcha; solo tienes que seguir practicando.
b. cambiar de velocidad (Mexico) 
Shoot! I hate shifting on hills.¡Chin! Odio cambiar de velocidad en las colinas.
14. (colloquial) (to go fast) (United Kingdom) 
a. correr 
I want a Shelby Cooper; those cars can really shift!Quiero un Shelby Cooper; ¡esos carros realmente corren!
15. (to change) 
a. cambiar 
Public opinion has shifted since the last election.La opinión pública ha cambiado desde la última elección.
1. (change) 
a. el cambio (M) 
a shift in meaningun cambio de significado
a shift to the right/leftun desplazamiento hacia la derecha/izquierda
shift keytecla f de mayúsculas
2. (ind) 
a. el turno (M) 
to work (in) shiftstrabajar por turnos
shift workertrabajador(ora) por turnos
shift (dress)vestido recto
transitive verb
3. (move) 
a. mover 
4. (stain) 
a. eliminar 
to shift the blame onto somebodyechar la culpa a alguien
5. (colloquial) 
a. vender, despachar (sell) 
intransitive verb
6. (move) 
a. moverse 
7. (change) 
a. cambiar 
8. (colloquial) 
a. ir a toda máquina or (move quickly) 
b. mecha (Spain) 
shift [ʃɪft]
1 (change) cambio (m)
there has been a shift in attitudes on the part of consumers ha habido un cambio de actitud por parte de los consumidores; a shift in weather patterns un cambio en el comportamiento del tiempo; there was a shift in the wind el viento cambió de dirección; se produjo un cambio de dirección del viento; the shift to a market economy la transición hacia una economía de mercado
there has been a shift in emphasis to owner occupation a shift of emphasis Some commentators have perceived a shift of emphasis in the 1980s away from the predominately European focus of the 1970s towards a greater emphasis on the Pacific basin Soviet doctrine has undergone a radical shift of emphasis it reflected an important shift in the analysis of Freudian theory The late seventies had seen something of a shift in attitudes to East-West relations she describes a shift in attitudes as she adjusts to middle age new products have been developed to reflect this shift in attitudes on the part of consumers socialist politics in Europe have lately seen a shift to the right a shift in [demand]
some have problems making the shift from one culture to another algunos tienen problemas al hacer el cambio de una cultura a otra
to make shift with/without sth arreglárselas con/sin algo
2 (period of work) turno (m); (group of workers) tanda (f)
day/night shift turno (m) de día/noche
the nurses who work the night shift
to work (in) shifts trabajar por turnos; I work an eight-hour shift trabajo or hago turnos de ocho horas
They worked in shifts to release the injured man during the night they worked in shifts, with one-half on lookout duty while the others slept His father worked shifts in a steel mill
3 (US) (Aut) (gear shift) palanca (f) de cambio
4 (dress) vestido (m) suelto; (undergarment) combinación (f); viso (m)
5 (Geol) desplazamiento (m)
transitive verb
1 (change) [+opinion, tactics, policy] cambiar
he shifted his tactics In terms of \shifting public opinion\, the campaign seems to have been unsuccessful Hearst swiftly shifted his tactics; {with the governorship now denied him, he sought to run for the Senate instead The killings did not shift government policy on Northern Ireland to shift the [balance]
the result shifted the balance of power in their favour el resultado cambió el equilibrio político or inclinó la balanza del poder a su favor; to shift one's ground cambiar de opinión or parecer
Sir Robert was again approached about the Suez programme and again asked for it not to be shown. This time he had shifted his ground; not a word about the criticisms of Hailsham and Macmillan The leadership has shifted its ground on defence spending after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact
to shift one's position cambiar de postura
The government has had to shift its position The rebels have shifted their stance, saying they might now discuss the possibility of a ceasefire
2 (transfer)
she shifted her weight to the other leg cambió el peso a la otra pierna; volcó su peso sobre la otra pierna
A number of voters are now tempted to shift their allegiance from one party to another The world's media shifted its attention to the hostage negotiations from the prosecution to the defendant they have successfully averted attempts to shift the burden of falling profitability from capital onto labour As he saw me come in, he slowly shifted his gaze to me the firm has shifted production overseas
voters shifted their allegiance los votantes trasladaron su lealtad a otro partido; to shift the blame onto sb else cargar a otro con la culpa; echar la culpa a otro; they're trying to shift the blame intentan cargar a otro con la culpa; intentan echar or pasar la culpa a otro
Don't try to shift the blame onto me! It was a vain attempt to shift the responsibility for the murder to somebody else
he shifted his gaze to me pasó a fijarse en mí
3 (move) mover
he shifted the chair closer to the bed movió la silla acercándola a la cama
shift it over to the wall They need food at once, and transport to shift it Exchange controls made it harder to shift money around He clears his throat and shifts his body to shift one's [feet] The doctor shifted his feet uneasily on the bare floor
to shift scenery (Teat) cambiar el decorado; shift yourself! ¡quítate del medio or de en medio!; ¡muévete!
4 (sell) [+stock] deshacerse de; vender
Some suppliers were selling at a loss to shift stock
5 (get rid of) [+cold] quitarse (de encima); [+stain] quitar
I can't shift this cold How are we going to shift these stains? No detergent can shift these stains
6 (US) (Aut) [+gear] cambiar de
you can drive for hours on end without ever shifting gear
intransitive verb
1 (move) [+person] moverse; [+load, cargo] correrse
he shifted uncomfortably in his seat se removía incómodo en la silla; she shifted from one foot to the other cambiaba de un pie a otro
his eyes shifted back to the window The entire pile shifted and slid, thumping onto the floor. He paused, his gaze shifting hopefully from Walsh to Jones we had to stop and secure the load because it had shifted
2 (change, transfer) [+wind] cambiar de dirección; [+attitudes, mood] cambiar
world attention has shifted away from China el foco de atención mundial se ha alejado de China; the emphasis now has shifted to preventive medicine ahora se hace más hincapié en la medicina preventiva; the scene shifts to Burgos la escena se traslada a Burgos; we couldn't get him to shift no logramos hacerle cambiar de actitud
the spotlight is now shifting away from simplistic arguments about the value of sanctions Much of their traditional business has shifted to other firms the wind shifted round to the east They were able to continue their voyage when the wind shifted and eased attitudes to mental illness have shifted in recent years her mood shifted from angry to depressed Soviet thinking on German unity has shifted dramatically in the past four months I feel that my priorities have shifted The computer market has shifted to the PC Millions of people are suffering privations as /the country tries to shift to a market economy/ The balance of power in the civil war appears to have shifted in favor of the rebels management hasn't shifted from its 2 per cent pay offer
3 (move quickly) volar
that car was really shifting ¡ese coche corría que volaba or que se las pelaba! (informal)
Linford Christie can certainly shift he can really shift if it still doesn't shift, try this
4 (US) (Aut)
to shift into gear he got back into the van, shifted into gear and moved into the stream of traffic she shifted into second
to shift into high/low gear cambiar a una velocidad más alta/baja; the presidential campaign has shifted into high gear la campaña por la presidencia se ha acelerado
the atomic weapons research effort shifted into high gear Miss Leon slowed the Volks and shifted into low gear to make her way across a bed of rocks Shifting into low gear, we climbed slowly up the hill
to shift for o.s. arreglárselas solo
shift key (n) tecla (f) de mayúsculas
shift lock (n) tecla (f) de bloqueo de mayúsculas; (Esp) tecla (f) fijamayúsculas; (LAm)
shift system (n) [of work] sistema (m) de turnos
shift register (n) registro (m) de desplazamiento
shift work (n) trabajo (m) por turnos
shift worker (n) trabajadoratrabajadora (m) (f) por turnos;a trabajadora
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night shift
el turno nocturno
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el desbloquear palanca de cambios
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turno de trabajo
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