Shelter in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. refugio (m) (place, protection)
  • to take shelter refugiarse
transitive verb
2. resguardar (from de), refugiar (from de)
intransitive verb
3. resguardarse (from de), refugiarse (from de)
shelter [ˈʃeltəʳ]
1 (protection) protección (f); refugio (m)
there was no shelter from the rain/sun no había dónde protegerse de la lluvia/del sol
they were watching me from the shelter of the doorway he found shelter in caves once their boats left the shelter of the fjords they were sitting targets for the enemy I stopped in the shelter of the trees to [run] for shelter people were running for shelter, terrified of a possible chemical attack
to seek shelter (from) (rain, sun) buscar dónde protegerse (de); (persecution) buscar dónde refugiarse (de)
chilled, and weary, we sought shelter in a haystack slugs seek shelter during the day in cool, damp areas he fled to America, seeking shelter from Nazi persecution I rushed into a shop, seeking shelter from the rain Refugees from Iraq are describing scenes of chaos and destruction as they seek shelter across the border in Kuwait
to take shelter refugiarse; guarecerse; we took shelter from the storm in a cave nos refugiamos or nos cobijamos de la tormenta en una cueva
I parked my bike at the kerbside and took shelter in the doorway of a shop many townspeople are taking shelter in the rubble of buildings that were destroyed he had to take shelter from stone-throwing demonstrators in the capital
2 (accommodation) alojamiento (m)
we must find shelter for the night to [give] sb shelter for the night at Maggie's house food, shelter, comfort, and advice were freely given they do household chores and receive food, clothing shelter and medicines in return
to seek shelter for the night buscar dónde pasar la noche
3 (construction) (on mountain) refugio (m); albergue (m); (for homeless people, battered women) refugio (m); centro (m) de acogida
a battered women's shelter The city's bomb shelters were being prepared for possible air raids That shelter might fall down if the rain comes back the trailer that served as a shelter for the preparation of food we came across a shelter for hikers and mountaineers the simple shelters the families made from branches and banana leaves leave your bike in the shelter at the gate
bus shelter marquesina (f) de autobús
they walked him to the bus shelter halfway up the sea road there was a paper bag stuffed in the corner of the bus shelter two men were huddled in the bus shelter
air-raid shelter refugio (m) antiaéreo
transitive verb
1 (protect) proteger;from de
the road is sheltered by trees
a spot sheltered from the wind un sitio protegido or al abrigo del viento
to shelter one's income from taxation The wind was rising on the beach, so Anna readjusted the blanket that sheltered them These plants need to be sheltered from cold winds and frost The tree sheltered him from the hot sun A ravine partially sheltered our troops from the enemy's fire a wooden house sheltered by a low, pointed roof consider putting electricity shares into a PEP to shelter them from capital gains tax
2 proteger;from de
you can't shelter your children from the outside world forever no se puede proteger a nuestros hijos del mundo exterior eternamente
the Puritans apparently didn't try very hard to shelter their children from sex
3 (hide) [+fugitive, criminal] esconder; ocultar; dar asilo a
to shelter a criminal The Serb neighbor sheltered the boy for seven days, then smuggled him out people who shelter illegal immigrants "have you deserted?" - If he had, she would shelter him, he was sure of that individual acts of quiet bravery, perhaps sheltering Jews or assisting fugitives to escape
intransitive verb
refugiarse; guarecerse;from de
to shelter from the rain refugiarse or guarecerse de la lluvia
You can find these creatures hiding beneath stones or sheltering in damp mossy places A man who had been missing since yesterday has been found sheltering in a hole he had dug in the snow They looked around for some place to shelter from the storm We sheltered from the burning sun beneath a large tree
to shelter behind sth escudarse en or tras algo; ampararse en algo
he sheltered behind her extrovert personality the time has come to stop sheltering behind political slogans he sheltered behind bad language to hide his deep insecurity he would be directly and personally responsible for every decision, unable to shelter behind a protective wall of officials to whom he could delegate effective power
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