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1. cobertizo (m) (in garden); nave (f) (in factory)galpón (m) (Andes, Carib, RP)
transitive verb
1. perder (leaves); derramar (tears, blood)
  • to shed light on something arrojar luz sobre algo
  • to shed its skin mudar la piel (snake)
  • to shed weight perder peso
  • a lorry has shed its load on the motorway un camión ha perdido su carga por la autopista
shed [ʃed]
(in garden) cobertizo (m); galpón (m); (S. Cone) (for cattle) establo (m); (Ind) (Ferro) nave (f);
shed [ʃed] shed (past)
transitive verb
1 (get rid of) [+clothes, fur, leaves, skin] despojarse de
Some of the trees were already beginning to shed their leaves The bird fluttered in panic, shedding small feathers Have you ever seen a snake shedding its [skin]? he had maintained a rigid diet, shedding some 20 lbs a city trying to shed its rough image
[+jobs] suprimir; recortar
The firm is to shed some 700 jobs
our dog sheds hair all over the carpet nuestro perro va soltando pelo por toda la moqueta; to shed one's clothes desvestirse; quitarse la ropa; despojarse de la ropa (formal)
He came home tired, shed his clothes and fell into bed
the roof is built to shed water el techo está construido para que el agua no quede en él
The sails are cut from sailcloth, which sheds water
the lorry shed its load la carga cayó del camión; to shed one's inhibitions desinhibirse
After a few drinks she would begin to shed her inhibitions
2 [+tears, blood] derramar
they will shed a few tears at their daughter's wedding
the shedding of innocent blood el derramamiento de sangre inocente; those heroes that shed their blood in the cause of freedom aquellos héroes que entregaron sus vidas en pro de la libertad
Europeans are not prepared to shed blood over this those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives The Pope called for a halt to the shedding of innocent blood much blood has been shed no blood was shed
3 (send out) [+warmth] dar; [+light] echar
The lamps shed a subdued light
to shed light on sth arrojar luz sobre algo
Can you shed any light on the problem?
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