transitive verb
1. (to use jointly) 
a. compartir 
I have to share a room with my sister.Tengo que compartir habitación con mi hermana.
2. (to have in common) 
a. compartir 
I don't share your opinion, but I respect it.No comparto tu opinión, pero la respeto.
We share a love for Hemingway and a good cup of coffee.Tenemos en común un amor por Hemingway y una buena taza de café.
3. (to divide) 
a. dividir 
Everyone can have some cake, but only if it's shared equally.Todos pueden tener un poco de pastel, pero solo si se divide a partes iguales.
4. (to communicate) 
a. contar 
We wanted to share the news with you all that we're expecting a baby.Queríamos contarles las noticias que estamos esperando un bebé.
intransitive verb
5. (to use jointly) 
a. compartir 
You have to learn how to share more.Tienes que aprender a compartir más.
6. (part) 
a. la parte (F) 
She forgot to pay her share of the bill.Se le olvidó pagar su parte de la cuenta.
I renounce my share of the inheritance.Renuncio a mi porción de la herencia.
7. (finance) 
They bought shares in a food company.Compraron acciones en una empresa de alimentación.
The capital will be divided into shares.El capital se dividirá en participaciones.
8. (agriculture) 
a. la reja (F) 
The share on the plow has to be replaced.Se tiene que cambiar la reja del arado.
1. (portion) 
a. la parte (F) 
in equal sharesen or a partes iguales
to have a share in somethingparticipar en algo
he doesn't do his shareno hace lo que le corresponde
you've had your fair share of problems/luckhas tenido bastantes problemas/bastante suerte
2. (finance) 
a. la acción (F) 
share capitalcapital social
share certificatetítulo de acción
share pricecotización f
transitive verb
3. (secret, opinion, profit) 
a. compartir 
intransitive verb
4. (general) 
a. compartir 
to share in somethingparticipar de algo
share and share alike!¡hay que compartir las cosas!
share [ʃɛəʳ]
1 (portion) parte (f); porción (f)
a share of or in the profits una proporción de las ganancias
share of in the profits
how much will my share be? ¿cuánto me corresponderá a mí?; your share is £5 te tocan 5 libras
to do one's (fair) share (of sth) hacer lo que a uno le toca or corresponde (de algo)
he doesn't do his share no hace todo lo que debiera; no hace todo lo que le toca or corresponde
to have a share in sth participar en algo
we've had our share of misfortunes hemos sufrido bastante infortunio; hemos sufrido lo nuestro
market share cuota (f) del mercado
to take a share in doing sth hacer su parte en algo
women must receive their fair share of training for well-paying jobs the minister came in for his (full) share of the blame
the lion's share la parte del león
2 (Economics) acción (f)
transitive verb
1 (split, divide) [+resource, benefit] repartir; dividir; partir
scarce water resources are shared between estates you can find out whether they are prepared to share the cost of the flowers with you
would you like to share the bottle with me? ¿quieres compartir la botella conmigo?
can I share your umbrella?
a shared room una habitación compartida
most hostel tenants would prefer single to \shared rooms\
2 (accept equally) [+duty, responsibility, task] compartir; corresponsabilizarse de
the republics have worked out a plan for sharing control of nuclear weapons the small income he had shared with his brother from his estate
to share the blame [+one person] aceptar su parte de culpa; [+more than one person] corresponsabilizarse de la culpa
3 (have in common) [+characteristic, quality] compartir; tener en común; [+experience, opinion] compartir
I felt we both shared the same sense of loss
two nations who share a common language dos naciones que tienen en común or comparten la misma lengua; I do not share that view no comparto ese criterio
to share someone's point of view the forum's members share his view prosperity and economic success remain broadly shared goals the village tribe is friendly and they share their water supply with you
4 (tell, relate) [+piece of news, thought] contar; compartir; hacer partícipe de (formal);with a
it can be beneficial to share your feelings with someone you trust puede resultar beneficioso compartir or contar tus sentimientos a alguien de confianza
Humphreys, would you like to share the joke with the rest of the class?
intransitive verb
compartir;with con
Tired of sharing, she started looking for her own flat children have to learn to share
I share with three other women (room, flat etc) vivo con otras tres mujeres; to share in sth participar en algo
to share in sb's success
share and share alike todos por igual
Share and share alike - that's democracy But at home it's share and share alike, and proposed new domestic arrangements around the 12th should feel right In such Dani communities it is more or less share and share alike
share capital (n) capital (m) social en acciones
share certificate (n) (certificado (m) or título (m) de una) acción (f)
share index (n) índice (m) de la Bolsa
share issue (n) emisión (f) de acciones
share offer (n) oferta (f) de acciones
share option (n) stock option (f); opción (f) sobre acciones
share premium (n) prima (f) de emisión
share price (n) precio (m) de las acciones
share [ʃɛəʳ]
(Agr) (ploughshare) reja (f);


share [ʃear]
(TV) audience share
Telemadrid ha pasado de un 13.0 por ciento de [share] o [cuota de pantalla] en el último trimestre del 91 al 18,3 por ciento registrado en el segundo trimestre del 92. El "prime time", de 21 a 24 horas, el ["share"] medio de TVE-1 fue del 36,2 por ciento, seguido por Tele 5, con el 23,7, y Antena 3 TV con el 18,6. El ciclo de novilladas "La gran oportunidad" ha obtenido una media de audiencia superior al 29 por ciento de ["share",] en el primer festejo. "Delta force", producida y dirigida por Menahem Golam, logró el domingo 7 de marzo un ["share"] (cuota de pantalla respecto al número total de espectadores) del 40,1%.
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