1. (geometry) 
a. la forma (F) 
Triangles are my favorite shape.El triángulo es mi forma favorita.
2. (hazy outline of something) 
a. la figura (F) 
A shape appeared in the fog.Una figura apareció en la neblina.
3. (state or condition) 
a. la forma (F) (health) 
I need to be in good shape before summer.Necesito ponerme en buena forma antes del verano.
b. el estado (M) 
My car is old and in bad shape.Mi carro está viejo y en mal estado.
transitive verb
4. (to mold or form something) 
a. moldear 
Bad experiences can shape our character.Las malas experiencias pueden moldear nuestro carácter.
Shape the clay with your bare hands!¡Moldea la arcilla con las manos desnudas!
1. (form) 
a. la forma (F) 
what shape is it?¿qué forma tiene?
to be the same shape as…tener la misma forma que…
to take shapetomar forma
they won't accept change in any shape or formno aceptarán absolutamente ningún tipo de cambio
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
in the shape of…en forma de…
3. (condition) 
a. no direct translation 
to be in good/bad shapeestar/no estar en forma
to get into/keep in shapeponerse/mantenerse en forma
to be out of shapeno estar en forma
transitive verb
4. (clay) 
a. modelar, moldear 
5. (wood) 
a. tallar 
6. (character, attitude) 
a. moldear, modelar 
7. (events) 
a. dar forma a 
shape [ʃeɪp]
1 (outline) forma (f); figura (f); (figure) [of person] silueta (f); figura (f)
walking is extremely beneficial to your body shape exercise is a good thing, whatever shape a person is
what shape is it? ¿de qué forma es?; all shapes and sizes todas las formas; universities come in all shapes and sizes hay universidades de todo tipo
colleges and universities come in all shapes and sizes
it is rectangular in shape es de forma rectangular
it's like a mushroom in shape
in the shape of ... en forma de ...
to bend or twist sth into shape dar forma a algo doblándolo
to hammer sth into shape dar forma a algo a martillazos
to lose its shape [+sweater etc] perder la forma
to bend or twist sth out of shape deformar algo doblándolo
to take shape cobrar forma
to take the shape of sth cobrar or tomar la forma de algo
2 (undefined object) forma (f); bulto (m); (striking object) figura (f)
a shape loomed up out of the fog/darkness una forma or un bulto surgió de la niebla/la oscuridad; the great grey shape of a tank rolled out of the village la imponente figura gris de un tanque salió del pueblo
lying in bed we offten see dark shapes of herons silhouetted against the moon
3 (nature, appearance) estructura (f); configuración (f)
the future shape of industry la futura estructura or configuración de la industria
he outlined his ideas about the manifesto's shape developments which may alter the future shape of industry organizations now change their internal shape with alarming frequency
I can't bear gardening in any shape or form no aguanto la jardinería bajo ningún concepto; the shape of things to come lo que nos depara el mañana
to take shape tomar forma
his grand plan for the future was gradually taking shape
4 (mould) molde (m)
use star shapes to cut out the biscuits utilice moldes en forma de estrella para cortar las galletas
they had been searching all morning for a rabbit shape with which to make Kirstie's cake he used a plastic shape to cut out stars from the plasticine
5 (condition) forma (f) (física); estado (m) físico
the fat burner diet book - a comprehensive guide to getting in shape the trees were in bad shape from dry rot
to be in bad shape [+person] estar en mala forma (física); [+object] estar en mal estado
the car was sold for a pittance as it was in such bad shape
to be in good shape [+person] estar en buena forma (física); [+object] estar en buen estado
the car was sold for a pittance as it was in such bad shape I need to be in good shape before I go on holiday
to be in shape [+person] estar en buena forma
to get o.s. into shape ponerse en forma
to keep in shape mantenerse en forma
to knock or lick or whip sth/sb into shape poner algo/a algn a punto
you'll have 4 months in which to lick the recruits into shape few people doubt his ability to whip the economy into shape we'd just go into the second studio and play, I'd improvise a lyric, and then we'd just knock it into shape later The project team has appointed managers for each business in an attempt to knock them into shape Most experts agree that East German agriculture can be knocked into shape and be successful
to be out of shape [+person] estar en mala forma
transitive verb
1 (mould) dar forma a; formar
cut the dough in half and shape each half into a loaf machinery for shaping the plutonium core of nuclear weapons shaping the foam core of surfboards is a highly skilled and delicate task
2 (influence, determine) conformar; determinar
It was the Greeks who shaped the thinking of Western man The book aims to trace what shapes children's ideas about femininity or masculinity
the forces that have shaped the 20th century los elementos que han conformado or configurado el siglo XX
the historical process that has shaped the country
democracy is shaping the future of Western Europe la democracia está determinando el futuro de Europa Occidental
like it or not, our families shape our lives
3 (prepare) [+plan] trazar
to shape a plan of action trazar un plan de acción
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