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1. (attractive)
a. sexy
You look very sexy in that dress.Te ves muy sexy con ese vestido.
2. (interesting)
a. excitante
Reading is sexy.Leer es excitante.
3. (erotic)
a. erótico
I caught my grandmother reading sexy literature.Pillé a mi abuela leyendo literatura erótica.
1. sexy ; muy atractivo(a) (sentido figurado) (car, idea, object)
sexy [ˈseksɪ]
sexier (comparative)sexiest (superlative)
1 (sexually attractive) sexy
you look very sexy in that dress estás muy sexy con ese vestido
All men love sexy underwear
2 (interested in sex) sensual
Hunger makes a woman sexy You will still be as virile and as sexy as before We're all conditioned to believe that the French are sexy and Latins are passionate
to make sb feel sexy excitar a algn; hacer que algn se excite
Sometimes sexual comments make me feel sexy
3 (erotic) [+film, scene, book] erótico
"Body Heat" is one of the sexiest films ever made there's one very sexy scene in the kitchen
4 (exciting) [+issue, subject, object] excitante
Banking failures aren't sexy, despite constant new revelations Public sector management is not a sexy [issue] to write about computers just aren't sexy for most of us


[+persona] sexy; [+libro, escena] erotic; titillating;
sexiness; sex appeal
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