Sex in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. sexo (m)
  • to have sex with somebody hacer el amor con alguien, acostarse con alguien
  • sex appeal atractivo (m) sexual
  • sex change cambio (m) de sexo
  • sex education educación (f) sexual
  • sex life vida (f) sexual
  • sex maniac obseso(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (sexual)
  • sex offender autor(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de un delito sexual
  • sex shop sex shop (f)
  • sex symbol símbolo (m) sexual, sex symbol (sustantivo masculino)
sex [seks]
1 (gender) sexo (m)
inequalities between the sexes desigualdades entre los sexos
It's difficult to determine the sex of a tortoise
the fair or gentle sex el sexo débil; el bello sexo; the opposite sex el sexo opuesto; the weaker sex el sexo débil
2 (sexual activities) sexo (m); (sexual intercourse) relaciones (f) sexuales
the film contains no sex or violence la película no contiene escenas eróticas or de sexo o de violencia; to have sex tener relaciones sexuales;with con;
3 (sex organ) sexo (m); genitales (m)
his face against her neck, sobbing dry sobs of desire and happiness, reaching for her sex\usbooks\
transitive verb
[+animal, bird] sexar; determinar el sexo de
The bird must be weighed, sexed and tagged
the sex act (n) el acto sexual; el acto
The little shop in Soho sells sex aids and pornographic videos
sex appeal (n) atractivo (m) sexual; sex-appeal (m)
sex change (n) cambio (m) de sexo
sex change operation (n) operación (f) de cambio de sexo
sex crime (n) (criminality) delitos (m) sexuales; delitos (m) contra la honestidad; (Jur) delitos (m) contra la libertad sexual; (Jur) (single crime) delito (m) (de naturaleza) sexual; delito (m) contra la honestidad; (Jur) delito (m) contra la libertad sexual; (Jur)
sex discrimination (n) discriminación (f) por cuestión de sexo
sex drive (n) libido (f); líbido (f); apetito (m) sexual
to have a high/low sex drive tener la libido or líbido alta/baja; tener mucho/poco apetito sexual
a man with a low sex drive Do you have a high sex drive?
sex education (n) educación (f) sexual
sex game (n) juego (m) erótico
Rachel Welch was at the height of her popularity as a sex goddess
sex hormone (n) hormona (f) sexual
The former French sex kitten, Brigitte Bardot
sex life (n) vida (f) sexual
sex machine (n) máquina (f) de hacer el amor; bestia (m) en la cama
"What are you, some kind of sex machine?"
sex maniac (n) maníacoamaníaca (m) (f) sexual;a maníaca
sex object (n) objeto (m) sexual
sex offender (n) delincuente (m) sexual
sex organ (n) órgano (m) sexual
sex partner (n) compañeroacompañera (m) (f) (de cama);a compañera pareja (f)
Ask potential new sex partners about their previous experience
sex scene (n) escena (f) erótica; escena (f) de sexo
The censors didn't like the sex scenes
sex shop (n) sex-shop (m)
sex symbol (n) sex símbol (m)
sex therapist (n) sexólogoasexóloga (m) (f);a sexóloga terapeuta (m) sexual
sex therapy (n) terapia (f) sexual
sex tourism (n) turismo (m) sexual
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