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1. varios(as)
2. varios(as) (m,fpl)
  • several of us/them varios de nosotros/ellos
several [ˈsevrəl]
1 (in number) varios
several times varias veces; several hundred people varios cientos de personas
I had lived next to his family for several years Several blue plastic boxes under the window were filled with albums Several hundred students gathered on campus
2 (separate) diverso
their several occupations sus diversas ocupaciones; they went their several ways tomaron cada uno su camino
several of them wore hats varios (de ellos) llevaban sombrero
no one drug will suit and work for everyone, and sometimes several may have to be tried Ben's case is not unique but one of several I have come up against during the past few years. several of us saw the accident several of us passed the exam
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