settle down
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to get comfortable) 
The old lady settled down comfortably on a sofa and began to tell her long story.La anciana se acomodó en un sofá y se puso a relatar su larga historia.
We decided to settle down and talk on the grass for a while.Decidimos ponernos cómodos y hablar en el pasto durante un rato.
We all settled down in front of the TV to watch a movie.Nos instalamos todos delante de la tele para ver una película.
d. prepararse (for a wait) 
Seeing that the line at the theater was two blocks long, we settled down for a long wait.Al ver que la cola en el teatro era de dos cuadras, nos preparamos para una larga espera.
2. (to become relaxed) 
Okay, okay, settle down! I just wanted to see your toy. I'm not going to keep it!¡Ya! ¡Ya! ¡Tranquilízate! Solo quería ver tu juguete. ¡No me lo voy quedar!
b. calmarse 
If you would settle down for a second, I'll explain what's going on.Si te calmas de una vez, te explico lo que está pasando.
3. (to lead a stable life) 
After over 20 years on the road playing gigs, I decided to settle down in a little town in the mountains.Tras más de 20 años de gira tocando, decidí sentar la cabeza en un pueblito en las montañas.
Don Juan will never settle down and leave his womanizing ways.Don Juan nunca sentará cabeza ni abandonará sus hábitos de mujeriego.
c. echar raíces (in a place) 
I've traveled the world and seen many things, but now I'm going to settle down in my hometown.Viajé por el mundo y vi muchas cosas, pero ahora voy a echar raíces en mi pueblo natal.
d. establecerse (in a place) 
We traveled to Spain on vacation, and then we decided to come back and settle down.Viajamos a España de vacaciones y luego decidimos volver para establecernos allí.
4. (to devote oneself; used with "to") 
a. ponerse a 
You should settle down to write your dissertation or you won't finish it on time.Deberías ponerte a escribir tu tesis o no la terminarás a tiempo.
transitive verb phrase
5. (to relax) 
We tried to settle her down and tell her it was only a joke.Tratamos de tranquilizarla y decirle que era solo una broma.
b. calmar 
The doctors couldn't settle the patient down, so they had to give him a sedative.Los médicos no podían calmar al paciente, así que tuvieron que darle un sedante.
6. (to make comfortable) 
a. acomodar 
I settled my grandfather down in his wheelchair and brought him his crossword.Acomodé a mi abuelo en su silla de ruedas y le traje el crucigrama.
settle down
transitive verb phrase
1. (make comfortable) 
a. acomodar 
2. (make calm) 
a. calmar, tranquilizar 
intransitive verb
3. (make oneself comfortable) 
a. acomodarse, instalarse 
to s down to workconcentrarse en el trabajo
4. (adopt regular life) 
a. sentar la cabeza 
5. (situation, excitement) 
a. tranquilizarse, calmarse 
settle down
1 (get comfortable) ponerse cómodo; acomodarse
I settled down in my favourite chair me puse cómodo or me acomodé or me arrellané en mi silla preferida
the animals were settling down for the night
they settled down to wait se prepararon para la espera
let him settle down before you start asking him a lot of questions
2 (apply o.s.)
to settle down to sth: after dinner, he settled down to a video después de cenar se puso a ver un vídeo; I couldn't get the children to settle down to work no conseguía que los niños se pusieran a trabajar
to settle down to a new life to settle down to do sth After dinner, he settled down to watch a video
3 (calm down) calmarse; tranquilizarse
I got the children to get washed and settle down I let her settle down after the fright she'd had before I asked her what had happened THE Stock Market is starting to settle down as the Election loom
4 (adopt a stable life) echar raíces
I'm not ready to settle down yet aún no estoy listo para echar raíces; why don't you settle down and get married? ¿por qué no sientas cabeza y te casas? (informal)
she wanted to have several relationships before she settled down with one person he settled down with a local girl named Bobbi
5 (get back to normal) [+situation] volver a la normalidad; normalizarse
things are beginning to settle down las cosas empiezan a volver a la normalidad
The war was over. People wanted to settle down and live a normal life after two years in the army he found he couldn't settle down and live a normal day-to-day life
transitive verb
1 (make comfortable) poner cómodo; acomodar
he settled the children down for the night acostó a los niños; why don't you help Philippa unpack and settle her down? ¿por qué no le ayudas a Philippa a deshacer las maletas e instalarse?
to settle sb down somewhere He settled the child down on the settee Mum had settled them down for the night at eight o'clock
2 (calm down) calmar; tranquilizar
I turned on the TV to settle them down encendí la tele para calmarlos or tranquilizarlos
he had been crying and I couldn't settle him down to settle sb down I would use relaxation techniques to settle her down Maybe Elaine would calm him, settle him down, discipline him a little and make him happy You can help soothe your baby after feeds and settle him down at night
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