masculine noun
1. brain (cerebro)
  • sesos (cooking) -> brains
2. brains, sense (sensatez)
3. (expresiones)
  • calentarse o devanarse los sesos -> to rack o (British) cudgel one's brains (United States)
  • sorber el seso o los sesos a alguien -> to brainwash somebody
  • tener poco seso (informal) -> not to be very bright

seso [say’-so]
1. The brain: generally used in the plural. (m)
2. Brain. (m)
3. Stone put under a pot to keep it steady on the fire. (m)
  • No tener seso -> not to have common sense
  • Tener los sesos de un mosquito -> de un chorlito, not to have the brains of a sparrow
understanding, prudence, wisdom.

1 (Anatomía) brain
2 (inteligencia) brains
; (p)
calentarse o devanarse los sesos to rack one's brains
eso le tiene sorbido el seso he's crazy about it
perder el seso to go off one's head;por over
3 sesos (Culin) brains

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