1. (in earnest) 
a. seriamente, en serio 
to take something/somebody seriouslytomar algo/a alguien en serio
to take oneself too seriouslytomarse demasiado en serio
2. (gravely) 
a. seriamente, gravemente 
seriously illseriamente or gravemente enfermo(a)
3. (colloquial) 
a. cantidad de (very) 
seriously [ˈsɪərɪəslɪ]
1 (in earnest) [+think, consider] seriamente; [+speak] seriamente; en serio
yes, but seriously ... sí, pero en serio ...
a play that deals seriously with the issue of divorce
we are seriously considering emigrating estamos considerando seriamente la posibilidad de emigrar
do you seriously expect me to believe that? ¿esperas en serio que me lo crea?; ¿de verdad esperas que me lo crea?
seriously? ¿en serio?; ¿de verdad?
to take sth/sb seriously tomar algo/a algn en serio
to take o.s. too seriously tomarse a sí mismo demasiado en serio
He is only now being taken seriously as a photographer "I've stopped smoking." - "Seriously?" seriously, you'd better be careful seriously, though ...
2 (badly) [+damage, affect] seriamente; gravemente; [+injured, wounded] gravemente
no-one was seriously hurt nadie resultó gravemente herido
he is seriously ill está grave; está gravemente enfermo
ten people were seriously [injured]
the pilot realized that something was seriously wrong el piloto se dio cuenta de que algo iba realmente mal or de que pasaba algo muy grave
something is seriously wrong with the car I could have something seriously wrong with me The storms have killed more than 120 people and seriously [injured] thousands of others ...she stabbed and seriously [wounded] him
3 (really)
to get seriously annoyed/depressed
a hotel like the Grand is seriously expensive un hotel como el Grand es caro de verdad (informal)
he's seriously into body-building está metido a tope en el culturismo (informal)
she used to get seriously depressed about the idea of moving I was beginning to get seriously annoyed
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