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serio, -a
1. serious (grave, importante)
  • estar serio, -a to look serious
  • es una enfermedad muy seria it's a very serious illness
2. responsible (responsable) ; reliable (cumplidor, formal)
  • no son gente seria they are very unreliable
  • lo que no es serio, -a es que ahora digan que necesitan dos meses más what's really unacceptable is that now they're saying they need another two months
en serio
adverbial phrase
1. seriously
  • en serio, -a, me ha tocado la lotería seriously, I've won the lottery
  • tomarse algo/a alguien en serio, -a to take something/somebody seriously
  • lo digo en serio, -a I'm serious
1 [+expresión, tono] serious
¿por qué estás hoy tan serio? why are you (looking) so serious today?; su padre es muy serio his father's a very serious person; se quedó mirándome muy serio he looked at me very seriously; he stared gravely at me; pareces muy serio you're looking very serious; ponerse serio: se puso seria al ver la foto she went o became serious when she saw the photo; me voy a poner seria contigo si no estudias I'm going to get cross with you if you don't do some studying
en serio seriously; tomar un asunto en serio to take a matter seriously; no hablaba en serio I wasn't serious
hablo en serio
¿lo dices en serio? are you serious?; do you really mean it?
3 [+problema, enfermedad, pérdida] serious
esto se pone serio this is getting serious
4 (fiable) [+persona] reliable; [+trato] straight; honest
es una persona poco seria he's not very reliable; una empresa seria a reliable firm; no es serio que ahora decidan echarse atrás it's not very responsible of them to back out now
5 (severo)
el negro es un color demasiado serio para una niña black is too serious o severe a colour for a young girl; lleva un traje muy serio he's wearing a very formal suit
6 [+estudio, libro] serious
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