feminine noun
1. sentence (law)
  • visto para sentencia -> ready for judgment
  • una sentencia benévola -> a light sentence
2. maxim (proverbio, máxima)

sentencia [sen-ten’-the-ah]
1. Sentence, the judicial decision of a suit at law, judgment; the penalty in a criminal case. (f)
2. Opinion, persuasion of the mind. (f)
3. Sentence, a maxim. (f)
4. Sentence, a period in writing. (f)
  • Decir sentencias a alguno -> to scold, to abuse one
  • Fulminar la sentencia -> to pass judgment
  • Sentencia de muerte -> death sentence

1 (Jur) sentence
dictar o pronunciar sentencia to pronounce sentence; visto para sentencia ready for sentencing
sentencia de muerte death sentence
2 (decisión) decision; ruling; (opinión) opinion
3 (Literat) maxim; saying
4 (Informática) statement

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