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1. oración (f) frase (f) (gramática)
2. sentencia (f) (Law)
  • to pass sentence dictar sentencia
transitive verb
3. sentenciar (Law)(to a)
sentence [ˈsentəns]
1 (Ling) frase (f); oración (f)
he writes very long sentences escribe frases or oraciones larguísimas; what does this sentence mean? ¿qué significa esta frase or oración?
2 (Jur) sentencia (f); fallo (m)
a sentence of ten years una condena de diez años; the judge gave him a six-month sentence el juez le condenó a seis meses de prisión
the death sentence la pena de muerte
under sentence of death condenado a la pena de muerte
he got a life sentence fue condenado a cadena perpetua
a long sentence una larga condena
to pass sentence on sb condenar a algn (a una pena)
he got a five-year prison sentence se le condenó a cinco años de prisión
to serve one's sentence cumplir su condena
transitive verb
condenar;to a
to sentence sb to life imprisonment condenar a algn a cadena perpetua; to sentence sb to death condenar a muerte a algn
sentence structure (n) estructura (f) de la frase
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