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sentado, -a
1. seated (en asiento)
  • estar sentado, -a to be sitting down
2. (establecido)
  • dar algo por sentado, -a to take something for granted, to assume something
  • dejar sentado, -a que… to make it clear that…
estar sentado to be sitting; be seated; estaba sentado a mi lado he was sitting o seated next to me; permanecer sentado to remain seated
esperar sentado
si crees que te lo devolverá ya puedes esperar sentado if you think he's going to give it back to you you've got another think coming (familiar) o you can think again
dar por sentado to take for granted; di por sentado que estabas de acuerdo I took it for granted that you were in agreement; I assumed you were in agreement
ya daba por sentado que resultaría elegido
dejar sentado: quiero dejar sentado que ... I want to make it clear that ...
4 [+carácter, personalidad] balanced
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